‘Shameless’: Noel Fisher’s Mickey Milkovich Wasn’t Supposed To Be A Main Character

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Noel Fisher’s Shameless character Mickey Milkovich is a fan favorite. Surprisingly, however, writers did not have the intention of making Mickey a main character. Could you imagine how different Shameless would have been without the Ian and Mickey love story? Don’t worry. We don’t want to think about life without Gallavich either.

Writers only had Mickey in a few episodes, what happened?

After Noel Fisher agreed to return to Shameless for Season 10, he opened up about his character. Noel described the storyline and plans for his character as “dirty” at best. Here’s what he had to say to the Chicago Tribune.

I mean, in a word: Dirty. That’s as close a descriptor I can think of. I think the script said something like, ‘he was a step away from a full-on street kid.’ [He was] one step removed from a kid who slept under bridges and lived on the street. Like, very dirty and rugged and ready to scrap.”

Noel also took the time to open up about how the Milkovich family differed from the Gallaghers.

He explained: “I’ve always considered the Milkoviches as a more divided, violent version of the Gallaghers. Instead of Frank, who is just kind of a hilariously narcissistic and self-involved absent father, Terry (Mickey’s father) is a violent force for negativity.”

Noel Fisher was only contracted for a couple episodes

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner John Wells recognizes Noel Fisher’s character shaped the storyline for Ian. If not for Mickey, Ian’s character would have taken a different path. Noel only signed on to be in a few episodes. He had a lot going on. He was working on a movie. Noel just didn’t have the time in his schedule to sign on to be a main character for Shameless.

“He has a very thriving film career, and we really just hired him for a few episodes when we started, but we keep expanding it, and he always comes back when he’s available.” John Wells explained.

Early on, writers noticed an intense amount of chemistry between Noel and Cameron’s characters. Likewise, fans really connected with Ian and Mickey. So, they continued to ask him to come back. And, explore the character more. Very quickly, a few episodes turned into over 70.

The actor was happy to return for Season 10

We know Noel Fisher exited the series for a period of time. Fans desperately wanted him back. And, John Wells made it clear they would have in him a heart beat.

Ultimately, Noel agreed to return for Season 10. Did Noel’s return save the show after Emmy Rossum left? Some fans think so. Noel Fisher revealed he was excited to explain his character. Both he and Cameron were excited to explore the Ian and Mickey relationship.

The character is my favorite that I’ve ever gotten to play. I’m really happy that he and Ian are getting to explore their relationship in a way that is open and not hindered by things that we’ve seen in the past. So a more “normal” quote-unquote kind of relationship.”

Both fans and Noel Fisher are thrilled without things worked out. Most agree Shameless would not have been nearly as good without Mickey and Ian being together.

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