What Insane Price Are The ‘Bridgerton’ Books Fetching Now?

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There’s no denying the Netflix show, Bridgerton, is a hit. Period pieces with a modern tone are all the rage right now. Eight books make up the series the show is adapted from. “The Duke and I,” “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” and “An Offer From A Gentleman,” are the first three in the series. There is also a prequel novel called, “First Comes Scandal.” Julie Quinn wrote the series twenty years ago.

Since the show released, the books have been in high demand. The price listed for the hardcovers online is crazy high. One fan on Twitter said, “oh my God. I just found out that #Bridgerton is based on a series of books?” That fan wanted to know where all of them were so she could read them.

What Is The Price Bridgerton Hardbacks Are Going For?

Fans can purchase the Bridgerton paperback collection together for less than two-hundred fifty dollars.  Due to high demand, sellers on eBay and Amazon are listing individual hard backs over seven hundred dollars. According to People, fans can still get the books in e-book form and start reading right away.

HarperCollins released a tweet saying, “finished bingeing @Bridgerton on @Netflix? Read the eight books in Julia’s [sic] Quinn’s bestselling historical romance series.” They suggested getting them in electronic form, since stores are running out.

Julia Quinn Is Addressing The Shortage For Fans

Julia Quinn stopped by her local bookstore and shared a picture on Instagram. The author told fans she was sorry the stock was so low. She also encouraged her readers to grab the e-book while they waited.  She said Avon Books was going as fast as they could with the reprints.

Julia talked about the sell and adaptation of the book by Shonda Rimes for Netflix. She said during the time she wrote the series, people weren’t adapting romance novels like they are now. Quinn said the whole thing felt like some sort of fairy tale to her. The author said, “my one option didn’t just get made — it got made by Shondaland.”

Will There Be A Second Season?

While there is rumors the show has been renewed for Season 2, but Netflix hasn’t made an announcement. COVID postponed the original filming schedule for Season 2.

Anthony’s story from, “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” will be the focus of Season 2. That is if the show follows the books.  Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix now. What do you think about Quinn’s Cinderella story? Will you be grabbing up the books? Comment with your thoughts below.

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