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‘Sister Wives’: Can Kody Brown Talk Christine Off That Little Pony?

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown sounds like she can really use some adult company after being without Kody Brown for too long. What the third wife in the Sister Wives clan posted online yesterday was a bit of a head-scratcher for her fans.

The rumors put Christine Brown as one of the three wives without Kody Brown during the pandemic. The story goes that Kody hunkered down with Robyn Brown for the duration of this stay at home time.

Christine appears a bit lonely for adult company. Then Kody and Christine’s adult child, Gwendlyn Brown sounds as if she could use some of Kody’s famous guidance. Sister Wives fans watched through the years as the father of 18 doled out guidance on everything from kissing to religion.

 Sister Wives – Christine Brown Makes Bizarre Car Confession

At first glance, it looked as if Christine launched another one of her traditional car confession clips for her fans. But this one was different and this Sister Wives mom stunned some of the fans with her first reveal.

She said she sat down to watch what is going on in Washington DC, which many Americans did. But in Christine’s case, she invited her youngest Sister Wives child to watch it with her. That’s Truely Brown, who is only 10.

Sister Wives Christine Brown My Little Pony Car Confessions

If you saw the clips, then you can understand why the 10-year-old was scared. It frightened her, reveals Christine. So, to change things up, this mom-of-six tuned into My Little Pony and sat down to watch it with her.

Christine Brown Puts A Lot of Pressure On My Little Pony

Not only did this Sister Wives mother use the animated show as a diversion for Truely but she put some pressure on the tiny ponies as well. It seems that Christine was amazed by how these little ponies operate.

She begs her Sister Wives followers, as well as the politicians of the nation, to watch My Little Pony and follow their example. Christine is amazed by how they came to mutual agreements after they were at odds. It’s not at all like what she witnessed on TV coming out of DC this week.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown with Gwendlyn Brown and Christine Brown with Tr

With a very serious look on her face, along with a severe tone in her voice, she pleaded with anyone listening to her. The third wife of Kody Brown seems to think that My Little Pony holds the answer for this nation. And yes, this Sister Wives celeb seemed very serious about the ponies in this show and the diplomacy they exhibit.

Sister Wives – This Mom Needs Some Adult Company?

Ironically, as Christine Brown talks about animated cartoons as the answer, one of her adult children takes another avenue. Sister Wives fans became appalled over the language used online by Christine Brown’s adult child, Gwendlyn Brown.

To get her political thoughts across to her fans, this Sister Wives daughter used profanity. Followers of the Brown family were shocked at the vulgar words Gwendlyn weaved throughout her social media post.

Some of her viewers couldn’t read the entire post because the vulgar words turned them off. So, instead of Christine turning to cartoons for the answer, maybe her husband can lend a hand.

Kody Brown holds church services for the family in one of their homes, or he did before the pandemic changed things. He also sat down with his Sister Wives offspring to discuss appropriate behavior while dating. So, he seemed very active as a dad when it comes to giving guidance.

Fans watched this on the TLC reality show through the years as Kody pointed the kids in the right direction. Or at least what he saw as the right direction.

Maybe Gwendlyn could use a little extra guidance today, according to the Sister Wives followers.  After that maybe he can have an adult movie night with Christine and save her from those little ponies.

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