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Lawson Bates Responds To Claims He Was At D.C. Protests

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Supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol Building this week. Now, rumors are circulating that Bringing Up Bates stars Trace and Lawson Bates were at the protests. So, Lawson has taken the time to clear up the rumors and set the record straight.

Twitter user shares photos of Trace and Lawson Bates

In a now deleted tweet, a Twitter user shared a couple of photos of Trace and Lawson. The user claims that the brothers were a part of the “mob” in D.C.

It is possible that the user is trying to raise awareness in case the brothers need to be investigated. The FBI is currently searching for specific people who were a part of the riots. Additionally, the user may be trying to show Bringing Up Bates fans who the brothers really are.

The Bates family has been open about their support for President Donald Trump. Fans know that the family has conservative Christian values, so they think it makes sense that they support Trump.

Lawson Bates tells his side of the story

Lawson fired out a tweet to explain his side of the story. He claims that the photos that were shared were from a different event. He says that he didn’t attend the violent protest while condemning violent protests. In the same tweet, he calls for those who were violent to be prosecuted. The Bates son writes, “Hi, thousands of folks went to a peaceful and respectful public event at the Ellipse. Americans have a right to peaceful protest; they do not have a right to violence! We did not go to the Capitol at all, and anyone participating in violence should be prosecuted.”

So, if Lawson’s being truthful about where he and his brother were, he didn’t actually attend the protests at the Capitol Building.

Twitter users want Bringing Up Bates cancelled

As a result of the photos that were shared, some users on Twitter are calling for Bringing Up Bates to be cancelled. They don’t want to support the violence that occurred at the Capitol. They connect the violence with the show due to Lawson Bates supposedly being there. Now that it’s come out that Lawson wasn’t actually there, Twitter users don’t seem to be so concerned about wanting the show to be cancelled.

So, did you think that Lawson and Trace were at the protests? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can see the photos of the tweets here.

For the latest on the Bates family, stay tuned.

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