Aunt KiKi Reveals Bronson Was Troubled By RiRi’s Accident

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Unsurprisingly, no one took the news of Riley Busby suffering a head injury and being rushed to the hospital well. OutDaughtered star Aunt KiKi, however, insists her son Bronson took it especially bad.

RiRi rushed to the hospital: what happened?

Adam Busby took to Instagram a few hours ago to reveal he rushed Riley to the hospital. She had an unfortunate accident while having a little too much fun in the bathroom.

Adam explained RiRi was dancing. But, there was water on the floor in the bathroom. She slipped. And, she got a nasty gash on the back of her head. Adam and Danielle decided a trip to the ER was best. They recognized they might be being overly precautious. But, head injuries were nothing to take lightly.

The OutDaughtered dad took the time to share video clips on his Instagram Stories updating us on how RiRi was doing. Fans were grateful for it.

Bronson worried for his ‘little buddy’

Fans know Bronson and RiRi are close. So, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t easy for him to learn she got injured. Fortunately, we now know

“Bronson was sad for his little buddy. Glad to hear you were a tough little trooper. Love ya RiRi,” Aunt KiKi penned in a comment. The comment was liked just shy of 100 times.

‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Rushes Riley To Hospital After Little Accident

So, is RiRi doing better?

Doesn’t sound like there is reason for Bronson to continue to worry about his “little buddy.” Adam took to his Instagram profile to share a picture and a video. He updated on her status. One staple to the back of the head. It was a late night at the hospital. But, RiRi was a champ. And, now? She was headed home for the night.

Bronson’s father also commented on the Instagram update. He, however, kept his comment simple with a single word. “Yikes!” Fans echoed the sentiment. Most, however, were just happy it wasn’t anything too serious.

Some even jested RiRi was right about getting a Band-Aid that wasn’t like anything she had at home.

Do you think the bond between Bronson and RiRi Busby is sweet? Are you relieved to hear she is doing much better after her scary accident? We know it has been a long day. And, the Busby family has had enough of hospitals this week. So, here’s hoping everyone can go home and rest!

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