Lindsay Arnold Slams Mommy-Shamers And Trolls

Lindsay Arnold from Instagram

All mothers know that no matter how hard you try, someone will always have something to say about their parenting style. And Dancing With The Stars pro Lindsay Arnold is sick of hearing from trolls and mommy-shamers on her social media pages. She recently posted about the hate she’s getting in her Instagram stories.

Lindsay Arnold Has A Message For The Haters

“This is my thumbs up to everyone out there who actually thinks it’s OK to comment or criticize anyone else’s parenting,” the dancer and new mother posted. “Why? Why do we do this to others? Especially people we don’t know.”

She added that she knows she’s not a perfect mother, but spreading negativity doesn’t help.

“You don’t need to remind me of that but why don’t we use our energy instead of always looking for the negative and finding things to criticize?” Lindsay continued. “I’m very over it. So if that’s what you want to do on Instagram, please unfollow me and leave my kind and loving followers alone.”

In a later Instagram story, she thanked her true followers for leaving kind, positive messages.

Mommy-Shamers Are Everywhere

It’s hard to know what specifically triggered this post, but it’s not hard to find negative comments. Lindsay frequently posts photos of her daughter and mommy-shamers always seem to creep out of the framework. She posted about how proud she was that her daughter Sage slept for 8 hours in her own room. Many people had opinions about that.

“She’s not sleeping in your room??” said one Instagram commenter. Others questioned why she would assume this and the commenter replied, “academy of pediatrics recommends for infants to sleep in your room until at least 6 months to decrease the risk of SIDS.”

However, many other fans were very supportive. They commented on how cute baby Sage is and others revealed they are also new mothers and knew exactly how Lindsay felt.

Lindsay Seems To Have An Excellent Post-Partum Journey

Most of Lindsay Arnold’s fans agree she’s absolutely killing it as a new mom. Sage seems very happy and cared for, and Lindsay is taking time to care for herself too. Just months after giving birth, and rocked a bikini on vacation with her husband and daughter.

Her post-partum journey seems to be going incredibly well and fans are happy about that. Even if not everyone agrees about her parenting choices. Follow Lindsay on Instagram to keep up with her journey through motherhood. It’s always fun to look at the baby photos.

So what do you think? Would you ever mommy-shame a celebrity or do you think people need to keep their opinions to themselves? We’re curious to know what you think. Leave your opinions in the comments.


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