Danielle Busby DRAGGED For ‘Attention Seeking’ Health Updates

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Danielle Busby took to Instagram to update on her health again — and some OutDaughtered fans aren’t really feeling it. In fact, Danielle Busby and her husband are being dragged by several fans for what feels like “attention seeking” posts. What exactly has fans so upset? Keep reading for the details.

Danielle Busby recently had a test procedure, results unclear

The OutDaughtered parents have given a string of very vague health updates on Instagram. They revealed Danielle Busby needed to have an invasive test procedure done. This was after previous tests and experts tried and failed. She, however, didn’t offer any info on what the procedure was. Adam, however, took to Instagram asking for prayers. And, revealing she was at the hospital to have the procedure done. They family reiterated that they wanted privacy until they got more concrete answers. then, they would decide when and if to share the details.

Danielle Busby got the results from the invasive procedure alright. And, she was happy to share a vague update about them on Instagram. Turns out, her prayers were answered — no surgery. But, it sounded like they were not any closer to answers. So, she still did not know what ails her.


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She concluded asking for more prayers. And, explaining this was all the info she was comfortable sharing. We know Danielle is afraid of fans making suggestions on what might be wrong with her. So, she’s hoping to curb that by giving less information. Presently, fans don’t know much about what ails her.

Are they giving fans mixed signals?

Some fans feel that Adam and Danielle are being a bit contradictory in their updates. Some noted the vague updates feel very “attention seeking” in nature. If they want privacy regarding Danielle’s health…. Why post about her health on Instagram at all? A few fans noted they should just keep it off social media if they were not willing to give fans the entire story. In fact, here’s some of what frustrated fans had to say.

  • “I admire your openness and strength- but without wanting to share the entire story, I would say stay off social media with anything regarding your situation! Just don’t say anything until you’re ready, if ever, to share what is happening!”
  • “You don’t need to share anything then. All these vague health updates seem like attention seeking and really don’t need to happen.”
  • “I agree. It’s silly to share all this without saying what’s going on. It’s attention seeking.”

Fortunately, some fans were happy to defend Danielle. They noted she didn’t have to explain why she needed prayers to ask for them. Likewise, being a fan doesn’t make you entitled to medical and health details.

‘Nervous’ Danielle Busby Returns To Hospital, Shares Health Update

So, do you think Adam and Danielle are being vague with their posts? Are they attention seeking? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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