‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Will Steffy’s Baby Outdo Hope’s Kidnapped Newborn Plot?

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Bold and the Beautiful viewers can only wait to see how Steffy Forrester and the birth of her baby tops Hope Logan and her kidnapped Beth. That kidnapping storyline kept B&B fans entertained for a long time. But like many other plots, the fans felt this one went on for way too long. Still, the kidnapping of Beth and Steffy adopting her was creative. It certainly left no suspenseful stone unturned when it came to the involvement of Bold and the Beautiful characters.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan Landed In The Wrong Place

Whatever got into Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) to book a romantic getaway so near her due date still remains a Bold and the Beautiful mystery. But out on Catalina Island during a horrendous storm, Hope went into labor. Liam was detained on the mainland and she went through childbirth all on her own. Due to the storm, not another medical person was in the clinic where she gave birth. Except for the unscrupulous Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady).

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer - Hope Logan

With astronomical gambling debts and the loan sharks threatening the life of his daughter, Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes), he did the unthinkable. He took the baby when Hope passed out and when she woke up the doctor handed her a dead baby girl. Reese used a still born baby from a mother who walked in to the clinic earlier that day. After giving birth she just left.  So everything fell into place for the devious doctor on Bold and the Beautiful.

As luck would have it the doctor had befriended Steffy Forresters mother, Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). She had said in passing that Steffy wanted to adopt a baby. Knowing this, when the opportunity with Hope presented itself, Reese jumped on it.  A private and suspicious adoption was arranged for a little more than the sum he owed the loan sharks. He also paid a friend  to play the mother of the baby, who would in turn sign the infant over to Steffy. But that backfired as well.

B&B: Steffy Forrester Adopted Daughter Seemed Like Never-Ending Plot

This secret went on for a long time with Hope falling in love with Steffy’s adopted daughter. It is as if she knew Beth was hers. It looked as if Hope lost it at times over Steffy’s adopted daughter in several of the Bold and Beautiful episodes. The woman who Reese had act as the baby’s fake mother ended up being Liam’s brother’s highschool sweetheart.

The guilt weighed so heavy on her that she was constantly threatening to tell the truth. Then Thomas Forrester found out about it and he too kept it from Hope. The long-drawn out birth of Hope’s baby started out interesting then became too played out.


What Steffy is going through right now is’nt very creative.  Not knowing the identity of an unborn baby’s father is a plot spun by many a soap. There’s no way a drum roll and the reveal of Liam or Finn (Tanner Novlan) as the father will pack a punch to beat Hope’s baby plot. So, Bold and the  Beautiful Needs to create something spectacular.

Bold and the Beautiful –  Both Liam and Finn?

You have to admit when B&B scripted the birth of Hope’s baby it gave the fans a entertaining plot. Although it went on too long and took too many chances with coincidences, it keep the fans coming back. Now Steffy’s pregnancy needs to keep the fans coming back as well. Because Steffy slept with both Finn and Liam within a short period of time, theoretically she could find herself facing a rare event.

It’s a far fetch but Bold and the Beautiful is built on far-fetched ideas with their characters.  Steffy could be pregnant with two babies. Twins isn’t out of the ordinary and this only adds one more baby to Steffy’s little family. But what if Finn and Liam each fathered one of the babies. It happens, not often but it does.

The scientific term for this type of pregnancy is called  heteropaternal superfecundation. According to Very Well Family:

“Fraternal twins are the result of hyperovulation, the release of multiple eggs in a single cycle. Superfecundation describes a situation in which each of the eggs are fertilized by sperm from different men, leading them to have different biological fathers (making the twins half-siblings). The appropriate term to describe this situation is heteropaternal superfecundation.”

Sure, it’s rare, but Hope having her baby kidnapped while thinking she had a still birth doesn’t happen in real life too often. But then Hope’s baby ending up as Steffy’s adopted daughter, well that is just way too coincidental.  Why not twins with two different dads? That might make it up there for the running for another crazy Bold and the Beautiful baby-on-the-way story.

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