‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Hope and Liam Never Saw This Coming From Thomas?

Bold and the Beautiful Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan

Bold and the Beautiful started off the week with Hope Logan still in the dark about Liam Spencer and the night he strayed. But that’s about to change and as their marriage implodes it looks like Thomas Forrester only adds to the confusion. Or does he? B&B spoilers point to something odd about to happen with the recuperating gent on his father’s couch.

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer Sings Same Song

Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) had a meaningful conversation with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) this week. Then on the other side of town, an explosive conversation goes around in circles between Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Steffy yells at Liam who can’t seem to visualize the reality of the future if he dumps his guilt by confessing to Hope. Steffy sees no need to come clean until they find out the paternity of her unborn baby. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest this is not going to happen. Liam takes off like a loose cannon expecting to get Hope’s forgiveness over what he’s done.

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer Confesses to Hope Logan

As Steffy tells him, by keeping quiet he protects his family and keeps them intact. But by telling Hope, he only does one thing. That’s to get rid of his own guilt.  Liam is going to do what he wants to do. According to the B&B spoilers, this week Liam brings the house down on an unsuspecting Hope Logan.

B&B: Thomas Forrester Makes Promise to Hope Logan

Bold and the Beautiful has Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester chatting over the past. They’re at the Forrester estate where Thomas has become somewhat of a fixture on the couch. His words to Hope never sounded so genuine. He won’t pretend he doesn’t love her, he claims he always will.

But the new and approved Thomas will forever forward respect Hope and Liam’s marriage. But just how far is he willing to go with that promise.

That promise will be put through a test. But this time around the Bold and the Beautiful script might call for Thomas to trade in his villain badge to become a hero for a while.

Bold and the Beautiful: Who Knew?

According to the B&B spoilers, the talk Hope and Thomas share this week has some depth of truth to it. Especially when it comes to Thomas Forrester. Now that her hat-wearing step-brother has been brought back to life without those devious thoughts of yesterday, things change for Hope. She sees a different Thomas.


After much talking and very little listening, Liam tells Hope about his night with Steffy. That forgiveness Liam counted on is nowhere to be found as a devastated Hope can’t even look at her husband. But just when it looks like Thomas sees his chance to capture Hope’s heart, it appears he may do something shocking.

B&B: A Changed Man

During that talk Thomas had with Hope this week, he told her he’d respect her marriage. Well, it looks like he does. Thomas already questioned Liam’s decision to run away from the house instead of confronting what he thought was his wife and Thomas kissing.

It looks like Thomas’s take on Liam’s state of mind after believing Hope cheated comes in handy. This is the Bold and the Beautiful, so Hope’s devastation will probably drag on for some time. But it looks like the viewers eventually find out that Thomas stayed true to his word.

He not only respects Hope’s marriage to Liam, but it appears he could be an important piece of bringing them back together. This just might be his gift to Hope and Liam for all they’ve put up with from him. It is also one way to prove to everyone that he’s a changed man. But B&B needs drama and while the script may give way for Thomas to play the hero, that probably won’t last for long.

Of course, Bold and the Beautiful could script an entirely new direction for Hope Logan. There’s always the chance Hope could be done with Liam for good. If that’s the case and this long-running B&B love triangle is finally broken then the sky’s the limit on future storylines. It looks like the soap is at a crossroads and there’s no telling where Hope, Liam, Steffy, or Thomas go next.

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