Isabel Roloff Has An Instagram Most Fans Don’t Know About

Isabel Roloff of Little People, Big World has an Instagram account a lot of her fans don’t know about. The account, @artbyizzyrock, still has over twelve thousand followers, but people might not know, because it’s not something she advertises.

The bio says she is an art therapist in study and yogi in training. She also expresses a love of thrift shopping. The account has a lot of art she’s painted as well as some pictures of her. Roloff is engaging with her followers and asks them questions about her paintings. She’s also done a couple giveaways of her alcohol print minis and some paintings she did.

What Is On Isabel Roloff’s Other Instagram?

In one post Isabel Roloff introduces herself. She says, “Hey y’all! I wanted to introduce myself since I haven’t been on here in awhile. I’m Izzy. I’m an artist, writer, yoga teacher in training, and soon to be podcast host.”

She also says she spends a lot of days making art, playing guitar, and cooking vegan meals. Roloff thanked her followers for supporting her, “little art business.”

Isabel says, “every purchase of my artwork really does make my heart flutter.” She invited her followers to share things about themselves on the post. It’s obvious Roloff is very passionate about art. In her main Instagram profile it says she is, “a storyteller & artist, among many other things.”

She Does Custom Paintings For People

Isabel Roloff shared a link to her art store. It has alcohol inks, prints, and commissions of hers. The art is abstract in nature. Her Instagram feed also features several bookmarks she’s made for sale.

One painting is the female form in gold. Isabel commented, “hung my Divine Goddesses beside my mirror to remind myself that I am one every time I look in it.” Several followers commented they wanted to get a goddess painting for themselves, because they were so inspired.

She Shared Her Resolution With Her Followers

Isabel is a source of strength for followers of her main Instagram, because she shares her struggles along with her triumphs. The reality star lost her mother to cancer and talked about her resolutions for the past couple years. She said this year, she heard her mom’s voice loud and clear telling her what to do. She said she heard, “A week ago, when I was pondering what my quote will be for 2021. I heard my mom’s voice loud and clear as I was standing in my kitchen saying, ‘fear does not stop death, it stops life.'”

Roloff went on to say working through fear was difficult, because of her anxiety. She said achieving that helps her remember how powerful she is. She thanked her mother for guidance from the other side.

What do you think of Isabel’s second Instagram? Do you want to purchase any of her artwork? Comment with your thoughts below.

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