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One ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Earned TikTok Fame For Poopy Pants Mishap

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Season 25 of The Bachelor is kicking off on January 4. And Matt James has some interesting women vying for his heart. One suitress bares her soul – and pretty much everything else – during her first meeting with the lead. 

With 32 women – and maybe more – competing for his attention, the ladies will do whatever they can to stand out. However, one contestant may hope that her claim to fame never comes up in conversation. She earned social media clout with a TikTok story about the day she pooped her pants. 

Crazy Cat Lady and Poopy Pants

One of the many women hoping Matt James is their soulmate is Katie. The 29-year-old from Seattle, Washington, isn’t a stranger to sudden fame. Many of the contestants on the various Bachelor Nation shows go on to become a quasi-celebrity. But Katie is already somewhat internet famous for her TikTok videos. Under the user name @ventwithkatie, the brunette bombshell talks about taboo topics, such as s*xting, masturbation, and yes, her bathroom mishaps. 

Bustle reports that Bachelor contestant Katie went viral with an… explosive… TikTok video about pooping her pants at work. The outlet notes that her current job is “bank marketing manager,” meaning she likely had the mishap at a bank. 


Story Time! Releasing all parts today! ##poop I Shit Myself pt.1

♬ original sound – Katie

Katie also has an Instagram, where she reposts her TikToks and adds other funny content. From her pictures and videos, it is clear that she is a cat lover. Hopefully Matt James isn’t allergic to felines. 

Bachelor Contestants Risqué Instagram Videos

Katie’s Instagram is a mix of gorgeous selfies and humorous videos. In one video, she details what she’s really doing when she’s s*xting with a guy. Sporting a frumpy t-shirt and a messy bun, she walks into the bathroom to take out her retainer while detailing the sexy outfit she’s (not really) wearing. 

Other videos on her social media are in the same vein. 

Strangely enough, one of her Instagram followers is none other than 90 Day Fiance’s ‘Big Ed’ Brown. He’s another reality star who gained fame with his outlandish behavior. Katie actually interacts with him in the comments, which implies that they at least know each other, even if only online. 

It remains to be seen how far Katie makes it on The Bachelor. Do you think she will tell Matt James the funny story about the time she pooped her pants at work? 

Season 25 of The Bachelor premieres on ABC on January 4, 2021. Head over to our Bachelor Nation Facebook group to connect with other Bachelor fans. 

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