Anna Duggar Shows Fans The Newest Addition To Her Chirstmas Decor

Anna Duggar

Though the holiday season is coming to an end, many people are choosing to keep their trees up just a little bit longer. After the wild ride that 2020 took people all over the world on, they’re looking for some extra joy. So, that includes delaying the Christmas un-decorating process. When Anna Duggar started taking down her holiday decorations, she noticed something interesting in her tree.

Anna Duggar shares new photo as she undecorates

Anna shared a snapshot of her Christmas tree. It looks like she has a flocked tree with a wooden beaded garland hanging on the branches. Notably, there are a few items in her tree that look out of place.

As it turns out, there are Nerf darts in the tree. She writes, “Taking down our Christmas tree…and realizing we probably had more nerf darts on the tree than ornaments🎄 😂”

Anna is the mother of six young children, including Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and Maryella. The kids range in age from 1 year to 11 years. So, there are plenty of little ones running around who likely play with Nerf guns.

In the past, Anna has shared photos of her kids playing with Nerf guns. It’s not difficult for her followers to figure out how the Nerf darts got there.

Duggar fans love new photo

Naturally, Duggar fans are loving Anna’s post. They think it’s hilarious, and they agree that it’s an accurate representation of having kids in the house.

Hilary Spivey, Claire Spivey’s mother and Justin Duggar’s future mother-in-law, wrote, “At a glance there Anna I thought y’all were hiding cigarette butts in your tree! 🤣😂” Anna replied to this comment with a few laughing emojis too. And, it looks like some of Anna’s followers had the same thought as Hilary. 

Fans are also commenting to tell Anna what they found in their own Christmas trees. One fan mentioned that there was a LEGO brick in their Christmas tree. Another fan shared some of the funny places they have found Nerf darts, including in the toaster.

So, what do you think of Anna’s new post? Do you think it makes a lot of sense with so many little ones in her home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can see Anna Duggar’s photo and caption here.

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