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Was ‘Storage Wars’ Even Real Or Was It Scripted?

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It’s been a year since Storage Wars aired new episodes, but reality TV fans remained obsessed. The thing is… Reality TV is well-known for not being as real as it claims to be. In fact, fans of most reality TV shows just assume the show is fake and/or scripted to a certain degree. Given the nature of the show Storage Wars… It is a little more difficult to imagine this show could be fake or scripted. So, even though the show no longer makes new episodes… Those who are just finding the shows. And, those who are rewatching it… Well, they have one simple question.

Is Storage Wars real or was it fake and scripted?

Unsurprisingly, it was none other than Dave Hester that came forward to answer this question. According to a report from DistractifyHester insists the series was far from being reality. He explained the productive team thrived on telling very specific narratives with each episode of the series.

Dave Hester insisted the story that they went to war for these storage units was farse. It was not a luck of the draw situation. He explained the production team worked with the audience and the cast members of the show were paired with specific units before they filmed the episodes. Turns out, the entire thing was created and planned by a team of producers.

But, what about the incredible finds?

You know how most of the units in the show end up with one big incredible fine? Well, Dave Hester added that it wasn’t such a surprise either. He explained the production teams would actually place the “surprise items” in the unit prior to filming. So, this wasn’t a luck of the draw situation at all. Likewise, which bidder ended up getting the best locker and making the most money was also decided by the production team for every episode.

Dave admits he was fired for having issues with the staging

Now, Dave Hester wasn’t a fan of the staging. In fact, he alleges he was fired after complaining about how fake the show was to the producers. He, in turn, sued for wrongful termination. He argued he was fired simply for disagreeing with the show actually being reality TV.

“Nearly every aspect of the Series is faked, even down to the plastic surgery that one of the female cast members underwent in order to create more ‘sex appeal’ for the show,” David alleged.

‘Storage Wars’ Season 13: Why Popular A&E Show Won’t Likely Be Back

In time, David did settle is lawsuit with the network. Though, the amount was never made public.

How do you feel knowing Storage Wars is both fake and scripted? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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