Savannah Chrisley Reflects And Looks Forward To 2021

Savannah Chrisley did some reflecting about 2020 on her Instagram. She posted a picture of her and Chase when they were little. Chase is smiling under a giant shark’s mouth while Savannah stares in awe.

She said, “hoping I take on more of [sic] chases attitude for 2021.” She said the year tested her health, mental health, love life and personal journey.” Savannah has been tested. She went through painful surgery for endometriosis and split with her fiancé to name a couple things.

New Year’s Eve this year was more of a big time for reflection for everyone. Things like lock down and losing loved ones has really dampened spirits across the country. That’s probably why a lot of the comments on Savannah’s post are asking when Chrisley Knows Best is coming back on. People need that escape and reality television is as good as any.

Savannah Chrisley Says She Chooses Not To Be A Victim

Savannah Chrisley said 2020 did test her, but she isn’t going to be a victim. She’s going to find the good and move forward. She said, “This past year I have grown more than I could have ever imagined so for that I am thankful! 2020 forced me to rely on my faith more and less on everything else.” The things she’s gone through this year would have given any one a reason to be pessimistic.

That’s why her fans love her, because she’s always full of cheer and optimism even when she’s hurting. The star shared pictures from her hospital bed when she underwent the surgery. She wanted to talk about it to help other women who might be suffering. The reality star and makeup mogul says she hopes 2021 brings healing, love, and laughter to everyone. Fans thanked her for her sweet message. They also commented on how much Chase looks like Grayson.

This Year Will Be One Of Further Growth For Her

On her story Savannah posted a quote from Nicole Breanne’s Twitter Page. It said, “don’t be frustrated when someone doesn’t have the capacity to be as vulnerable as you. Remember, people can only meet you as deep as they’ve met themselves.” Todd Chrisley and Savannah shared a picture on the show’s Instagram account. It’s an old picture, but they are blowing kisses and the caption says they are kissing the year goodbye.

Many fans agreed, it’s time to get over 2020 and move on. One said, “Happy new year to your wonderful family, may 2021 be a great year for the Chrisleys.” Another said it was, “the worse year ever. Can’t wait.” Several took the opportunity to wish the family the best and tell them they looked forward to the show returning soon.

Do you agree with Savannah that 2020 taught us a lot? What good things are you looking forward to in 2021? Comment with your thoughts below.

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