Whitney Way Thore Showed Off Her New Year’s Celebration

Whitney Way Thore, Instagram

Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life shared how she was spending New Year’s Eve in Greensboro. It looked similar to how a lot of people spent it this year. She posed with two friends holding up twenty-ones. They are all wearing masks. Tal Fish, her best friend is in the photo as well as a female friend, both standing behind her. Buddy Bell most likely spent New Year’s with his lady at his own place.

Whitney looks very comfortable and pretty in silk robe. She captioned the picture, “bringing in the new year just how I’d like to spend it– in my house, in my robe, with my friends, minding COVID guidelines.”

Whitney Way Thore Said Greensboro Had A Curfew

Whitney Way Thore said they ended their celebration at 9:45 pm because Greensboro, NC has a ten o’clock curfew like a lot of cities do now.

She said, “I hope 2021 is good to you,” to all of her followers. One fan said, “You’re back in your house in Greensboro!?! I love this so much!! Happy New Year, doll, to you, your lovely parents, and your band of Mary (sic) men (and women!)”

One fan confused her by coming at her in the comments. She said, “9:45 yeah ok please just stop already.” Whitney replied to her comment, “huh?” That person went on to explain nobody cared about their curfew. Fans supported Whitney by saying that person obviously cared enough to comment.

The Reality Star Didn’t Have The Best Year

Undoubtedly, Whitney Way Thore probably wanted to put 2020 in her rearview. A lot of things happened in her life including her fiancé cheating and getting another woman pregnant. She’s also now reliving that time as it airs on the show. Buddy Bell moved in with her and took care of her after the breakup. The long-time friend spent time feeding her and motivating her to get up while she grieved her relationship.

A preview for the moment she revealed what happened was captioned, “the moment no one saw coming.” She told the cameras, he’d let her know over the phone after she wouldn’t let him come to where she and her mom were quarantining. The baby was born in September and according to Too Fab when she announced their split she asked people not to send him hate.  Talking about things has been cathartic for Whitney Way Thore. She said she finally feels like she could be a bit happy for him which she thinks means she’s over it. She looks happy in her new picture so fans are hopeful she is indeed over it.

What do you think about her laid back New Year’s Celebration? How did yours go down? Comment below.

Keep up with Whitney Way Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Tuesdays on TLC.

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