‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Grabs Starbucks With Four Of His Girls

Adam Busby

Adam Busby and his wife Danielle went on a divide and conquer today to run some errands. As the OutDaughtered parents frequently explain… They split up the girls and each take half (or nearly half) when they are running errands. Adam and Danielle have explained who goes with who depends on what they are doing. A doctor appointment, for example, would decide who goes where. But, if the errands don’t involve appointments… The Busbys are flexible on who goes where.

When flexibility is involved, Adam and Danielle give the girls the freedom to have some say in who goes where. And, it is fairly common for Adam to have a few more girls than Danielle goes when they venture out in public.

Adam Busby enjoys a fun day with four of his girls

The OutDaughtered dad and four of his girls enjoyed a fun today together. He explained all of the things they did in the comments.

“Fun day with daddy! @dbusby divided the kids up, so she could do a little shopping for things around the house. My crew took it to the @leaguecitytx League Park for some soccer and playground. Finished things off with a @starbucks run! It was a good day!”

According to his caption, Danielle Busby needed to do some shopping for things around the home. So, she took a couple of the girls to handle the shopping. And, Adam took the bulk of the girls for a day of fun. He explained they hit the park to play soccer and enjoy the playground.

He rounded out the day of fun with his girls by heading to Starbucks for some sweet frozen treats. As an added bonus, Adam was kind enough to share an array of photos of his day of fun on Instagram. The first photo in the collection featured the smiling faces of his girls as they held Frappuccinos in their hands from Starbucks.

Did he catch any heat from the Starbucks?

Now, the biggest concern with seeing this Instagram post was that Adam Busby might catch some heat. Heat for taking the girls to get Starbucks. After all, they are a little young for coffee. That being said, there are tons of sweet treats at Starbucks that don’t contain any coffee. Frappuccinos, just as an example, can be cream based instead of coffee based. This means the drink would be made with ice cream and milk instead of coffee.

Adam Busby Instagram

Now, Adam did catch some heat for not having Hazel with him. Busby fans, however, were quick to defend him. They pointed out she was spending the day with mommy. So, do you mind the quints or Blayke enjoying some Starbucks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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