‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Navigates Life Without The Perks Janelle Enjoyed

Sister Wives Maddie - Janelle

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush is a lot like Janelle Brown when it comes to many things in life, as she’s realistic like her mom. But one thing she’ll never enjoy that her Sister Wives’ mom once enjoyed became evident in her latest post.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Grew Up In Front Of Camera

Viewers of the TLC reality show watched Maddie Brown grow from a young girl to a young woman. Today she’s a wife and mother who inspires many of her peers out there. This Sister Wives daughter keeps her followers up to date on her life via social media.

In the last season of Sister Wives, fans watched as Maddie gave birth to her second child, Evie Brush. The joy of this baby coming into the world also came with worries due to Evie’s FATCO Syndrome.

But Maddie and her husband Caleb Brush rose to the occasion. These Sister Wives parents started their journey with Evie to find the best possible path for their daughter’s future. The fans can’t say enough good things today about this young couple as parents. But Maddie won’t enjoy one perk that her mom did when she was at Maddie’s stage in life.

Janelle Brown Had This – But Maddie Never Will

It seems Maddie’s decision to marry a man who will only have one wife was a decision she made at an early age. Maddie is a stay-at-home mom. But she’s still working from her kitchen table at home, like millions of others around the nation today.

In her latest post below, Maddie Brown Brush sits at her kitchen table with Axel Brush on one side and Evie Brush on the other. Neither seems to give her much elbow room for working on the laptop in front of her.

Maddie Brown Brush Instagram

This young Sister Wives celeb lightly vents how she’s heard the word “mommy” 101 times and it’s still morning. Despite setting up activities for the kids so she could work, the kids decided to keep her company instead. While Maddie claims this is the joys of motherhood, she also claims she’s got to do some work.

Sister Wives: A Perk That’s Very Useful

Maddie experienced the Sister Wives life and decided one husband is more her style. Just the post below probably gives you a good idea why. What wife wouldn’t want to keep this husband all to herself? Caleb looks like a great father as well as a husband. So, while he’s home he too has his kids by his side.

Maddie is home all day while Caleb works. So, she’s the only one with the kids during the day. But if you dialed the clock back to the days Maddie was a toddler, her mom Janelle could work uninterrupted.

Sister Wives - Caleb Brush and Kids


Janelle worked out of the home in the days before computers were as common as a toilet in the house. But even if her work had been home-based, she had all the uninterrupted time she needed to do this.

Janelle Brown had her Sister Wives ladies supplying all the childcare she needed. She never worried. Janelle shared how she never got phone calls from home if one of the kids got hurt. Her co-wives knew just what to do and Janelle trusted their judgment.

Christine Brown was the main childcare provider for the Sister Wives clan during the early days. But it seems Meri Brown also did this for a while as both Janelle and Kody had jobs. This was long before Robyn Brown joined the family.

From what the fans know about Maddie, she’d be more apt to hire a mother’s helper. She would probably do that rather than ponder her decision to be the only wife in this family.

Beware Of Mama Bear

Maddie became an overnight expert in FATCO Syndrome. This young mother from Sister Wives and her husband made a decision for Maddie’s future when it came to her mobility.

Sister Wives - Janelle Brown and Christine Brown

Their daughter underwent an amputation, which was the best course of action for Evie to become mobile on her own accord. Evie was immediately fitted with a prosthetic and the rest is history.

This toddler is walking, running, and dancing in Maddie’s latest videos. But when this mom first announced to her followers that Evie’s amputation was complete, people gave her little slack online.

Maddie bit back with facts and those who questioned Maddie and Caleb’s decision can see the spectacular outcome for little Evie. Today other parents look to these young parents from the Sister Wives tribe for inspiration.

The couple made an educated but tough decision and because of this Evie’s future looks amazing. Most of all – Maddie triumphed over all of this without any sister wives of her own.

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