Will ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Elizabeth & Brice Last As A Couple?

7 Little Johnstons Elizabeth and Brice

7 Little Johnstons Elizabeth met Brice Bolden about 18 months ago. Recall, the TLC show introduced him in the season that ran last year. At the time, they knew each other for about five months. And, they looked quite strong as a couple. Now Brice reappears in Season 8. But will they last together?

7 Little Johnstons Elizabeth & Brice looked strong

We reported last year, that fans felt happy for Elizabeth as she really felt hurt when she and James Burdette split. Back then, what she particularly liked about Brice, is that he just treated her the same as anyone else. In fact, he seemed oblivious to any physical differences. And, Trent and Amber seemingly liked the young man as well. Plus Elizabeth seemed head-over-heels in love. She posted up on Instagram on his birthday and wrote, “I love you so much and hope today is amazing as you are❤️!!!”

On the premiere episode of the new season, fans saw 7 Little Johnstons Elizabeth and Brice once again. Recall that last year Elizabeth loved that Brice and his parents looked beyond her short stature. And in fact, it’s important to her as she prefers dating average-sized people. But in the recent episode, Meaww noticed something interesting. Brice told the camera that he “loves” Elizabeth. While he seemed genuine, Elizabeth reacted a bit oddly.

The ‘disapproving’ look on Elizabeth’s face

The outlet noted that “Elizabeth didn’t look amazed by his declaration and instead rolled her eyes briefly and a disapproving expression flashed across her face.” Additionally, they noticed that she never said that she loves him back. So, that makes fans wonder if they survive the long haul as a couple. Actually, it seems quite interesting that sharp-eyed fans on Twitter never picked up that flash of what looked like irritation by Elizabeth.

Nevertheless, it is there, if you go back and look for it. Of course, most of the premiere of 7 Little Johnstons didn’t focus on Elizabeth and Brice. Perhaps she just felt a bit over-exposed as fans saw Trent and Amber trying to spice up their love life rather graphically. While Trent and Amber always claim that they raise their kids with open discussions, perhaps their love-life sits a bit too close to Elizabeth right now. Maybe she’d rather just keep her own love-life a bit more private than her parents.

Brice and Elizabeth in October

The last time that Elizabeth posted about Brice on Instagram came in October this year. It came on the occasion of her prom. One fan said, “So what are your plans for the future? Does your boyfriend have any plans for the two of you to live together?” Well, the 7 Little Johnstons star mentioned: “Graduated high school ✅
Nursing Student ✅Full time job ✅.”

7 Little Johnstons Elizabeth - Brice
Elizabeth Johnston | Instagram

Do you think Elizabeth and Brice might break up? Or are they still solid? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

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