‘Y&P’ Rachel Beaver Has Roach Free Christmas, Still Catches Heat

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MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver made headlines in a big way during Christmas of last year. Fans of the series roasted the young mother when they noticed a cockroach crawl out of a wrapped present opened by her daughter. It’s been a little over a year since that disgusting fiasco made headlines. But, it’s the kind of thing MTV followers never forget.

Hazelee Rae’s second Christmas was a good one

Despite the pandemic and the year 2020 being bad for everyone… Rachel Beaver managed to give her daughter Hazelee Rae a nice second Christmas. In fact, she doted about it being a good one on Instagram. Now, some of those who remembered last year were a little surprised to see so many photos and a video of Hazelee Rae at Christmas time. Some wondered if Rachel spent time watching and examining for reasons she might catch heat before posting the content on Instagram.

Rachel Bevear did speak out on the criticism last year

A few days after Rachel Beaver was slammed for the cockroach that crawled out of her daughter’s present… She broke her silence via Instagram Stories. And, she wasn’t exactly happy with the criticism. And, really… Who could blame her?

Honestly didn’t know there was a f*cking roach in the present or it would’ve been dead. The tree is right next to my front door & it’s been very hot in TN this last week. Quit acting like y’all ain’t ever seen a d*mn roach. Ya’ll act like I put it in there.”

Despite Rachel Beaver insisting people were overreacting about the cockroach… No one really seemed to let it go. Rachel also responded to criticism that her mother’s house was dirty. Unfortunately, her clapback went out the window when she made headlines again for her filthy bathroom.

‘Y&P’ Star Rachel Beaver Breaks Silence On Roach-Infested Present

She’s also been criticized for her moldy bathroom

In February of this year, Rachel Beaver made headlines again. This time it was because Young and Pregnant fans were disgusted by her moldy bathroom. They also took huge issue with her boyfriend being involved in bathtime. And, the storage of the formula in the bathroom, on the toilet tank, just made things worse.

Unfortunately, this criticism did nothing for Rachel insisting neither she nor her daughter were living in a dirty home.

So, why is she catching heat this time?

A year has passed. But, fans of the MTV series aren’t willing to let go of how filthy her living arrangements were. Likewise, no one is ever going to forget the cockroach crawling out of the Christmas present. In her most recent Instagram account, one individual took an opportunity to call her daughter a “musty baby.” At least one other person liked the comment, seemingly agreeing with it. Now, Rachel did have someone come to her defense asking why anyone would say that.

Likewise, Rachel has been getting some criticism over her choice in hairstyle. A few weeks ago, once follower asked what on earth she was doing with her hair.

‘Y&P’ Fans DISGUSTED By Rachel Beaver’s Moldy Bathroom

There was no denying Rachel Beaver’s daughter looked happy, healthy, and clean in the Christmas photos. Likewise, the environment seemed clean and clear in the background. But, Rachel Beaver will likely never live down that past incident.

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