JP Rosenbaum Defends Soon To Be Ex Ashley Hebert Against Trolls

JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert via Instagram

Bachelor Nation was shook when JP Rosenbaum and former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert announced they were divorcing. They remain a couple who fans never thought would be separating. Even Reality Steve was shocked. Following their split, JP and Ashley have remained on good terms. They vowed to be there together for their two children. Now, JP leaped to defend Ashley after a internet troll decided to trash her.

JP Rosenbaum defends Ashley Hebert on Instagram

E!Online shared all about the nasty, negative comment that led JP to come to Ashley’s defense. The photo that led to the fans negative comment came from JP on December 26. He shared a cute picture of his two children being silly. He said, “Goofballs are back! #camerahog.”

Ashley commented on the post saying, “Enjoy them.” And, it didn’t take long for a troll to chime in their opinion. The fan said, “Why are u talking to him. you broke his heart he is already going thru enough pain rn.” JP wasn’t about to let anyone speak to his ex-wife that way. He fired back saying, “lay off!”

Other fans praised JP for his actions

Many fans praised JP for jumping to Ashley’s defense. Some related their own stories of divorce and how wonderful it is they are sticking together. Another fan said, “I’m so glad you and Ashley are taking the high road. I been where you are and keeping a friendship is so important example your kids will appreciate you later for it.”

Many others praised him for acting like an adult. They also condemned the troll for her hateful remarks towards Ashley.

Another fan said,  “I’ve been thru a divorce and trust me, if my ex and I got along like you two do, we’d be golden parents. Just keep rocking it both of you. Might be different and hard but it gets easier. Hugs to both of you, you’re doing amazing.”

JP and Ashley’s split

Fans were shocked when the news came in October that JP and Ashley were calling it quits. They have been longtime fan favorites. When the news broke, they both expressed their love and respect for one another. JP and Ashley are choosing to focus their attention on their children.

JP was quick to point out in their divorce announcement that nobody was to blame. He said it was nobody’s fault and they are just two very different people. They both did everything possible to try and save their marriage. Their marriage lasted eight years.

Stay tuned for more information.

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