Fans React To ‘Shameless Hall Of Shame:’ Waste Of F*cking Time

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In absence of a new episode of Shameless Season 11, fans watched the first episode of Shameless Hall of Shame. As we previously reported, new episodes of the Showtime series will resume on January 10th. Until then, fans can enjoy an extension/companion series to the final season called Hall of Shame.

Fans react to Shameless Hall of Shame 

Unsurprisingly, fans were not too happy when they discovered a new episode of the Gallagher family would not be on tonight. Most fans admit they turned on Showtime at 9 p.m. to watch a new episode. And, they were devastated when it wasn’t on. Albeit, some were hesitantly optimistic by the episode of Hall of Shame.

Now, it is important to keep in mind Hall of Shame isn’t exactly a new episode or a new series. Instead, it is an out of character experience. It is a detailed reflection on various characters and relationships in the series. There is a lot of reflection and flashbacks. Likewise, it shouldn’t be viewed as new episodes. Because it is not. Shameless has been around for a decade. And, the writers wanted to pay tribute to the long run. So, they did so by ordering a six episode companion series called Hall of Shame. 

The overwhelming majority say the extension is a ‘waste of time’

Across Twitter and Facebook, those who tuned in to watch it live were not amused. Many agree even Mickey would have described the companion series as a “waste of f*cking time.” A number of fans insist it is an hour they will never get back. Some made it clear reruns would have been better than these new but not new episodes. Here’s some of the reactions across Twitter.

Noticeably, the Hall of Shame episode seemed to just confuse some fans. Perhaps Showtime didn’t make much of an effort to promote it. But, those tuning in expecting Season 11, Episode 4 were confused. Some took to Twitter to ask if this was Episode 4. Others questioned if there would be more Hall of Shame episodes. (And, the answer to that question is yes by the way). 

There was some fan support for Shameless Hall of Shame

While there was a lot of hate for Showtime on social media… Not everyone came for the network. There were some who did their part to defend the network. They noted Shameless was being produced during a pandemic. Likewise, taking a break for Christmas and New Years was pretty standard. In fact, it happens every year if Shameless is airing new episodes during December. So, some fans didn’t really understand why so many people didn’t know there wouldn’t be a new episode tonight.

Gallavich fans were here for it

Now, there was a fair amount of love for the first episode simply because it focused on Mickey and Ian. Gallavich is the favorite couple of the series. And, that is no secret. In fact, some believe bringing Mickey back is what saved Shameless when Emmy Rossum (Fiona) exited the series. Those who didn’t hate the Hall of Shame completely loved the generous helping of Mickey and Ian.

Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Shameless’ On This Weekend?

So, did you watch the Shameless Hall of Shame? Do you agree with fans saying it was a waste of time? Or, did you appreciate the tribute to the series?

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