‘Sister Wives’ Fans Gush Over Sweet Photo Of Paedon & Truely Brown

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Christine Brown reminds Sister Wives fans what Christmas is all about by sharing a sweet photo of Truely and Paedon. The sweet photo features her children curled up on the couch together embracing a little sibling love. Unsurprisingly, fans were here for the warm and and sweet photo.

Christine Brown shares sweet photo of Truely and Paedon Brown

Christine’s sweet photo featured Paedon Brown sitting sideways on the couch. His back was against the arm of the couch. His younger sister Truely was sitting with her back against the back of the couch. She had her head resting on her big brother’s chest.

Paedon pulled his little sister into a warm embrace. Both Paedon and Truely had satisfied smiles on their faces. They were clearly enjoying each other’s company at the moment the photo was taken. Sister Wives fans could really feel the love oozing from the photo.

“THIS is what Christmas is about! #family #blessedmom #thanks #grateful #christmas #truemeaningofchristmas,” Christine Brown gushed in the caption of the sweet photo.

Sister Wives fans loved seeing such a sweet photo of the family

The photo was liked by fans nearly 20,000 times. Over 150 took the time to leave a comment. Everyone enjoyed getting to see some pictures of Christine and Kody’s children.

Many opted to keep things simple in the comments and wished the family a “Merry Christmas.” Some begged Christine for more information on when a new season of Sister Wives would happen.

One follower said they had a five year old son. And, they hoped he was as sweet as Paedon is when her son is older. Many agreed the photo made their heart feel full. And, they thought Truely was blessed to have the warm embrace and snuggles of a loving older brother.

Overall, it looks like everyone was happy and really feeling the love at Christine’s house for Christmas this year.

Is Season 15 of Sister Wives happening?

Fans of Sister Wives believe the next season of the TLC series might focus a little more on the children and a little less on Kody and his wives. Likewise, fans hope TLC does something to make the series more interesting. Otherwise, we fear there won’t be too many more seasons of Sister Wives. At this time, there hasn’t been a premiere date confirmed. But, some wonder if it might happen next month. Why? Well, the series has a history of premiering new seasons in January.

So, did you love the sweet family photo? Share your thoughts with us.

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