‘Bachelor’ Nation: Jordan Kimball Spills On If He Wants Children

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Jordan Kimball recently confirmed his engagement and Bachelor Nation wonders what his thoughts on children are. After all, we already know fans think Jordan and Christina Creedon are an adorable couple. And, that they would have “beautiful babies.” But, it doesn’t really matter what Bachelor Nation fans think. What do Jordan and Christina want? Do they want children?

Well, we aren’t sure what Christina Creedon thinks about having children. But, Jordan recently spilled his thoughts in the comments of an Instagram post. So, does he want to have children with his future wife? Here’s what he had to say about it.

Jordan Kimball responds after fan says his children would be ‘beautiful’

A few days ago, Jordan Kimball shared a photo of himself and his future bride-to-be. The photo featured himself rocking a black cowboy hat. He pulled his blonde beauty in for a smooch. Bachelor Nation fans LOVED the photo. They swooned over how adorable the couple was. One, however, noted Jordan and Christina would make beautiful babies together. And, this comment was made BEFORE he confirmed their engagement.

Now, Jordan Kimball noticed the comment on his Instagram post. (And, so did the few people who liked and agreed with it). After noticing the comment, he decided to respond to it. In doing so he inadvertently spilled his thoughts on having children.

So, does he want children with Christina Creedon?

Jordan Kimball teased his follower with a short response: “one day.” The comment included several red heart emojis and a few smiley faces. His response was also liked several times. So, at least some of his followers, were excited by the idea of little Jordan and Christina children running around one day.

How soon could they have a baby together?

During their exclusive interview with US Weekly, Jordan Kimball and Christina revealed they want to wait till the later portion of 2021 to have their wedding. So, assuming they want to be married before they have a baby, it’ll be at least another year or two before the couple starts bringing children into the world. At 28-years-old, Jordan still has plenty of years to bring a child into the world with his future wife.

Fans Think Jordan Kimball & Christina Creedon Would Have ‘Beautiful’ Babies

So, do you think Jordan Kimball and Christina Creedon would have beautiful children together? And, do you think they want to have more than one child together? Share your thoughts on Bachelor Nation babies in the comments with us! And, stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest Bachelor Nation related news.

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