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‘General Hospital’ News: Nancy Lee Grahn Dotes On Finding Love Later In Life 

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General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn took to Instagram late on Christmas night of 2020 to get candid about finding love later in life. The soaps star reminded her 150,000+ Twitter followers never to give up hope on finding love. Likewise, she hoped she could be a “beacon of hope” for anyone who followed her that was feeling especially lonely this time of the year.

General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn says never to give up on finding love

According to Insider, most people get married between the ages of 25 and 30. Statistically, men are usually a little older than women when they get married. So, when a person hits their 30’s or 40’s while still being single… It’s normal to feel a sense of impending doom. Nancy Lee Grahn, however, doesn’t want General Hospital fans to feel that way. She believes you should never give up on finding your special someone. Moreover, she’s walking proof of it.

“Never married & found the love of my life at 60. Never ever think it’s not attainable. Let me be your beacon of hope for Xmas. #AnythingisPossible,” she penned in a tweet just a few hours ago.

In a couple hours, the tweet accumulated over 4,500 likes, 119 retweets, and over 200 comments.

What do her followers think of finding love later in life?

Many of her followers gushed about her beautiful relationship. They thought Nancy Lee Grahn was part of a beautiful couple. Likewise, many felt she was an inspiration to something that would otherwise feel hopeless.

“This will sound silly, but the sentiment is not. I have never married, and was 100% convinced that my romantic ship had sailed, or sunk, or was in dry-dock. (Pick any metaphor!) Your story has truly inspired me,” one penned in the comments.

Another agreed: “I met the love of my life at 53. Every one said it would never happen after 40 & I called bull pukky & made it happen. I never gave up & I have tried to be a beacon of hope ever since just like you.”

“Mazaltov! I had the same thing happen. We started living together just before the quarantine started. Now we’re engaged. We’ll have a Jewish wedding with both Irish soda bread and challah, then a reception at an Irish bar. I’m 62,” a third agreed.

Now, not everyone in the replies to this Tweet were positive. Some admitted they were at the state of “later in life.” And, they’d given up on finding love. Likewise, there were many who fessed up to finding love early in life. And, they were equally happy.

Regardless of how you feel, Nancy Lee Grahn offers her relationship as a beacon of hope to anyone who wants it.


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