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Hallmark Channel Giving Holiday Movie Fans Christmas Gift


The Hallmark Channel managed to still make 40 new Christmas movies for 2020, slaying the ratings and giving people comfort and joy. The good feeling is continuing on Christmas Day, as the network has a special Christmas gift for fans.

Hallmark’s Christmas Gift

On Christmas Day, Hallmark will air their 2020 Christmas movies commercial free. That means no interruptions after that meet cute. It also means more movies! According to Twitter, they are going to start this commercial free programming on Thursday, December 24, at 8 p.m Eastern time on the Hallmark Channel.

“We’re just around the corner from the jolliest day of the year, and nothing spreads cheer like watching your holiday favorites all day long! Enjoy a day free of commercials during our Christmas Day marathon starting tomorrow at 8pm/7c.”

The first movie that will air commercial free is On The 12th Date Of Christmas. This stars Tyler Hynes and Mallory Jansen. This is the story of a couple of game designers that are setting up a Christmas scavenger hunt around Chicago. They have two different work styles, but after some time together, it is clear that there is something much more.

HMM Also Going Commercial Free For Christmas

Want to catch some of your favorite Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Christmas 2020 Christmas favorites? They are doing the very same thing there. They will begin airing commercial free on Thursday, December 24, at 8 p.m. Eastern time on HMM.

The first movie airing commercial free is Meet Me At Christmas. This movie stars Catherine Bell and Mark Decklin. This is the story of two people who are planning a wedding, but discover that they share a very significant past. Will she ever let him tell her what happened that fateful day?

Hallmark produced Nearly 80 Movies During Pandemic

In 2020, Hallmark did the unimaginable. During a worldwide pandemic, they managed to produce over 80 movies. That includes 40 Christmas movies for Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas. There are other Hollywood movies that started filming way before the pandemic and they are still having issues getting them completed.

How did Hallmark do it?  Michelle Vicary, the Executive Vice President of Programming at the Hallmark Channel, spoke to E! News about the situation that they were facing. “We knew we weren’t going to get movies on in the spring and even into the summer.” She admitted, “We were concerned about the fall, but we knew we had to get our Christmas slate going.”

So, the production team went to work to figure out how and where they could make this happen. Thankfully, the situation in Canada was under control. They were very organized with protocols in Vancouver, where Hallmark already films a majority of their movies. They created pods and required masks. Most of all, they safely made a full state of 2020 Christmas movies.

Hallmark Already Getting Ready To Film 2021 Christmas Movies

Hallmark is already preparing to start filming 2021 Christmas movies. According to a recent interview with WebMD’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Whyte, Michelle Vicary shared, “And so we’re proud of what we’re getting started on in 2021. And make no mistake– in January, when there is snow across many of our locations, we will be shooting Christmas movies for 2021.” 

So, enjoy your Hallmark Christmas commercial free fun, and don’t forget to put on your ugly Christmas sweater and fuzzy slippers.

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