Lifetime’s ‘Spotlight On Christmas’ Teaches Us To Love Ourselves First

Spotlight On Christmas, Lifetime, Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2020

There’s nothing like Christmas time for a little magic. It’s A Wonderful Lifetime continues Christmas week with Spotlight on Christmas. Starring Tori Anderson (Love Under The Olive Tree), Victor Zinck Jr.(The Christmas Cottage), Janet Kidder (Operation Christmas Drop), and Lia Franklin (Road To Christmas), this story shows that sometimes, helping others during the holidays will make you happier than sitting at home, eating cookies.

What Is Lifetime’s Spotlight On Christmas About?

According to TVLine, actress Olivia O’Hara (Anderson) has secretly returned home to her tiny hometown. She was just dumped a couple of weeks ago and the press is hounding her. There is nothing like avoiding the paparazzi by going home, hiding out and eating cookies.

But, the minute she gets into her very small town, she runs into Casey Rawlins (Zinck Jr.). There is something special about him and the girl she once was. Moreover, his influence has taken Olivia in a totally new direction.

Olivia finally feels she is good at something. And people are respecting her. She is respecting herself. Subsequently, she feels confident and in charge of her own life. Is home where she is meant to stay? Has Olivia finally learned to stop being a costar in her own life?

Spotlight On Christmas premieres on Monday, December 21, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime ends on Christmas Day. How many of the new 33 movies have you seen? Don’t forget to check out Christmas On Ice. This stars Abigail Klein (Transformers: Age Of Extinction), Ryan Cooper (One Life To Live), Caroline Portu (The Society), and Will Lyman (Mystic River).

This movie is about a skater who wants to keep an outdoor skating rink open. She partners up with an indoor rink owner and former hockey player to petition the mayor. Turns out, there is a reason that the mayor is not so keen on this particular rink.

Another holiday movie you don’t want to miss is Too Close For Christmas. This Lifetime Christmas movie stars Chad Michael Murray (Love In Winterland) and Jessica Lowndes (Christmas At Pemberley Manor). This is the story of two people who are totally right for each other, except for their prejudices against each other.

Lastly, there is  The Christmas Exchange. Starring Laura Vandervoort (V-Wars), Rainbow Sun Francks (High Fidelity), Yanic Truesdale (The Fixer), and Martin Roach (The Wedding Planners), this is the story of an unemployed newspaper editor in Connecticut and a burnt out London financier. She trades her farmhouse for a swanky London flat, while he heads to the quiet town in America to work on a thriller.

What happens when the two finally meet?

Don’t Forget to catch the premiere of Spotlight On Christmas on Monday, December 21, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime.

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