Kylie Jenner had a Balenciaga store closed so she could shop in privacy in the pandemic

Kylie Jenner Apparently Had A Balenciaga Store Closed To Be Able To Shop In Private In Pandemic

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Kylie Jenner wanted to shop at a Balenciaga store but wanted privacy and safety. No problem for a Kardashian or Jenner, of course, as they closed the store and chased all their customers away just for her. Privilege, anyone?

Kylie Jenner during the COVID-19 pandemic

It seems the Kardashian and Jenner family have been having a pretty good time during 2020. First, Kim Kardashian threw a 40th birthday party on a private island. She was thoroughly slammed by fans and critics for her actions. That party cost the family a fortune.

Secondly, Kendal Jenner enjoyed a huge West Hollywood Halloween/birthday party for her 25th. More recently, the whole family enjoyed a gathering for Thanksgiving, with all of them sans masks. However, as noted by Yahoo! News, Kylie went one step further, in a major effort to raise her fans’ eyebrows.

Kylie decided she wanted to enjoy a private shopping trip during the coronavirus pandemic.  She apparently persuaded the Rodeo Drive branch of Balenciaga to close down just for her. This is so she could shop in total privacy without any customers around to give her the virus.  Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could all do that? Or even afford to shop at Balenciaga of course!

Meanwhile, The Mail reported that there was a group of animal-rights protesters in the street at the time. They bore signs reading, “wear your own skin” and “stop the abuse. Other signs read, “the fur belongs to the animals who were born with it NOT humans who steal it from them.” Naturally, the protesters spotted Jenner and yelled at her as she sat in her fancy car outside the store.

Christmas with the Kardashians and Jenners

While Kylie was on a solo shopping trip, it seems she has been spending a lot of the holiday season with the family. As Los Angeles went into lockdown, the family rented a resort in Lake Tahoe. They were reportedly filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians at the resort. Plus, the whole family shared plenty of Instagram moments during their stay. Let’s just say, they weren’t suffering in isolation like many of us!

Kylie Jenner had a Balenciaga store closed so she could shop in privacy in the pandemic
Kylie Jenner had a Balenciaga store closed so she could shop in privacy in the pandemic [Image @kyliejenner/Instagram]
Naturally, the Kardashians and Jenners have been hit with plenty of criticism for their actions during the pandemic. Kris Jenner recently spoke up about this in an interview with Andy Cohen in November. She said that at Kendall’s, everyone was tested before they walked in the door. They also had to wait half an hour for the results. She said they are “really responsible” and ensure that everyone in their family and their closest friends is tested regularly.D espite Kris’ words, no doubt there are many people out there during the COVID-19 pandemic wishing they could do the same.
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