Did ‘Shameless’ Season 11 Just Reveal A Main Character Is Trans?

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While the scene was over in a flash, does tonight’s episode of Shameless Season 11 reveal a main character is trans?

This wouldn’t be the first trans character in Shameless

During Season 7 of Shameless, fans were introduced by a character named Trevor (Elliot Fletcher). Trevor was a trans man who worked for an organization that helped with displaced LGBTQ teenagers. Trevor dated Ian for a brief period of time when Mickey wasn’t in the picture. That being said, because Trevor wasn’t Mickey… Fans of Shameless didn’t really care for him. Some fans admit they would have rather seen Ian single than be with someone other than Mickey. That being said, the whole “gay Jesus” story arc really couldn’t have happened without Trevor being introduced.

Now, Season 11 is the final season for this Showtime hit series. But, it appears as if Shameless has decided to introduce another trans character into the show. It was a very brief scene that happens during tonight’s episode. And, it is possible some are reading too much into what was said. But, the chatter from those who have already watched the episode airing tonight on Twitter seems to agree the character more or less suggested they were trans.

Ok, so who is this main character that might be?

Turns out, it is Debbie Gallagher’s daughter Franny who might be trans. Now, Franny is in preschool right now. So, this could end up being a pretty controversial topic among fans if the series decides to dig any deeper into what was said. It, however, became clear during last week’s episode that Franny isn’t really a “girly girl.” She wasn’t happy with the princess birthday party her mother was throwing. And, she told grandpa Frank while they were in a tattoo shop she didn’t want to wear a dress because she was more like a boy.

Frank, however, encouraged Franny to just play the “long game. And, to try doing what makes her mother happy from time to time. Regardless of how it makes her feel.

Franny Gallagher Instagram

The chatter among fans on Twitter wonders whether Franny being trans is something that will come up again as Season 11 progresses. Or, will this be a scene fans are supposed to pretend like it never happened.

So, do you think Franny of Shameless might be trans? Or, do you think Shameless fans are reading too much into it? Share your thoughts and stick with us for the latest Shameless news.

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