Is ‘Shameless’ Season 11 Setting Frank Gallagher Up To Die?

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During tonight’s episode of Shameless Season 11, fans started to grow concerned the series was setting Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) up to die. Could the series come to an end with Frank Gallagher finally passing away? If not, they are at least setting him up to have dementia. Here’s why fans think the series is setting Frank up to pass away.

Frank Gallagher forgets where he is during tonight’s episode

Frank Gallagher spends a lot of time with his granddaughter Franny (Debbie’s daughter) during tonight’s episode. Fans (and Frank for that matter) acknowledge this is the first time he’s really spent any time with Franny. And, the relationship between the two really seemed to grow. By the end of tonight’s episode, there was a beautiful bond between the two that a lot of people didn’t really expect.

That being said, there was a moment. A moment during the end of Frank’s time with Franny that he seemed to forget what was going on. They had finally checked everything off of his list. And, finished all of his shopping. Frank seemed to forget where they were and what they were doing.

Franny reminded grandpa Frank they were checking the last thing off of the list. Then, she had to remind grandpa Frank again that they’d already finished the task.

Frank ends up taking his granddaughter to get a tattoo. She gets one with sharpie on her arm. He, however, gets a real tattoo with her name on his arm. To remember the very special day he had with her.

After getting the tattoo, it is time to go home. But, it quickly becomes apparent Frank isn’t sure where they are. And, he can’t seem to remember how to get home. All these memory problems have fans thinking something

Would Shameless actually kill William H. Macy’s character?

At the beginning of the month, John Wells sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss Season 11. And, he let it slip that at some point in time Frank’s past would have to catch up with him.

“Eventually you have the pay the piper for a lifetime of the kind of behavior and abuse that Frank’s been doing. So that is where it’s heading. What cost does Frank ultimately have to pay for all of these years of abuse?” John Wells explained.

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Now, “paying the piper” certainly could mean Frank Gallagher is going to pass away. And, one sure fire way to end a series after an 11 season run would be to kill one of the head of the family. (Regardless of how well he was at being the head of the family anyway).

So, do you think Frank Gallagher might pass away at the end of Season 11? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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