‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Spoilers: One Major Character Won’t Return

Cobra Kai won't featured the character of Aisha. (Photo by Netflix/YouTube)

Cobra Kai Season 3 spoilers have started to roll in. Fans couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for their favorite characters. However, at least one character won’t be returning for the upcoming batch of episodes.

According to Screen Rant, the character of Aisha Robinson won’t be back for Season 3. The actress who plays the character, Nichole Brown, confirmed the news via social media.

‘Cobra Kai’ is losing a fan favorite character

Brown told her fans on the internet that she wasn’t asked to return for Season 3. She stated that writers couldn’t figure out how to include Aisha in the storyline. The actress also revealed that she really needs the work due to being in a stressful financial situation.

Back in August of 2018, things got so bad for Brown that she created a GoFundMe account to help her pay for her medical bills.

Viewers seem to love the character of Aisha. She appeared in both Season 1 and Season 2, and has been seen in 19 of the 20 episodes thus far.

Aisha starts off as the estranged friend of Sam Russo. She is very smart, but is bullied at school by the popular girls. She meets Miguel and later joins him at Cobra Kai, becoming Johnny Lawrence’s second student at the dojo.

It’s currently unclear whether or not Aisha’s departure from the show will be addressed. It could be revealed that Aisha decided to leave Cobra Kai after the big school fight that landed Miguel in a coma. Although Aisha developed a killer instinct throughout her time with the karate club, the fight may have changed her views about the aggressive side of the sport.

In addition, the fight lead to a major shift in power at the dojo. Johnny returned to his studio to find that his former mentor, John Kreese, had betrayed him and stolen his students.

Could Aisha return for future seasons?

While Season 3 may not have a place for Aisha in the story, the show has officially been renewed for Season 4. Perhaps, the writers can find a way to include the character in a storyline for future episodes.

Meanwhile, it appears that Cobra Kai Season 3 will focus more on Miguel’s recovery. He suffered a horrific spine injury during his fight with Johnny’s son Robbie. The season will also explore more of Mr. Miyagi’s past in Okinawa, and will featured some characters from former Karate Kid characters.

Former ‘Karate Kid’ characters will return

Actor Yuji Okumoto will reprise his role as iconic bad guy Chozen. When asked about his return to the character, Okumoto told Entertainment Weekly that he was excited to step back into Chozen’s shoes.

“Yeah, I mean, when you play such an iconic bad guy in a successful film, you kind of keep that memory always with you. You always wonder what happened to this character, where did he go after this all went down, where he lost his honor and all that stuff. I had written this whole long history when I first shot Karate Kid Part II. That’s what I like to do with all my characters,” he stated.

“I wrote his backstory and history. It’s funny, because when the Cobra Kai people came to me, I actually had all this stuff still recorded, and I had a nice discussion and gave them my input about what had happened to him possibly after the final showdown with him and Daniel. I never forgot about Chozen, because he was a big part of my life,” the actor added.

Cobra Kai Season 3 returns to Netflix on January 8.

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