Bekah Martinez Admits She Feels Mommy Shame

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Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez dealt with mommy shamers before. But now, she’s experiencing her own mommy shame. She revealed that she “constantly” feels “ashamed” about how much screen time she has. Most of that time is spent “around my babies.”

The reality star wants to achieve the perfect work/life balance. In a new Instagram post on Wednesday, December 16, she posted a new photo of herself smiling alongside her two kids, Franklin James, 5 months, and daughter, Ruth Ray De La Luz, 22 months. Despite the beautiful family photo, Bekah expressed the shame she feels every time she reaches for her phone.

Bekah Martinez reveals her hidden mommy shame

The Chatty Broads podcast co-host shared the reflective message on Instagram. Bekah Martinez expressed her inner guilt about working and taking time away from her kids. She didn’t think of it until a friend asked her about work/life balance. That’s when she admitted that she hasn’t found that balance in her life.

“I constantly feel ashamed about the amount of time I spend on my phone around my babies,” Bekah explained in her post. “Every week when that stupid screen time reports pop up, I wince. Sometimes I think about quitting it all and moving into some random forest without wifi.”

Bekah’s post wasn’t filled with negativity. She also expressed gratitude for her career. The former reality star is glad to have a job that “gives me so much purpose and joy.” Of course, she’s human so she’s going to feel guilty for being away from her children. She described it as a constant “battle between two sides that both need me.”

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“I also feel that it’s partially a result of social conditioning to have to be everything for our children,” Bekah added. “We’re expected to sacrifice our desires, our dreams, and our needs. Even though my heart knows that’s not right, my head still feeds me the lie that I’m not a good enough mom if I don’t give all of myself.”

In that same post, the Good Alma founder sent out an S.O.S. Bekah wants to hear from other moms who have either struggled or perfected their work/life balance. In the comments section, Bekah was met with support. Most of her followers and friends found the post so relatable.

Bachelor Nation shares their support

Bekah Martinez didn’t get mommy-shamed. Instead, she received an overwhelming amount of support. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky-Manno agreed with Bekah.

“I relate to this on so many levels,” she wrote.

Earlier this month, Bekah confessed to People that the pandemic “has been absolutely horrible” in more ways than one. But she’s found a silver lining in this challenging year. The lockdown has allowed her to bond with her family in a “special” way that she wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

“It was nice to have the excuse to not go anywhere, to not see anyone, and really focus on time with my family,” Bekah told the outlet. “My boyfriend has a whole business, and so for him to be able to just stay home and spend time with our daughter, it really brought us closer as a family and was a really great way to welcome a new baby into our home.”

Bekah’s admission comes after she dealt with mommy shamers. She got shamed for her parenting choices. Critics slammed her decision to breastfeed her children past the toddler age. Bekah brushed off the haters and continues to share her parenting journey on social media.

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