How Many Bates Family Kids Had Braces?

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The Bates family brings plenty of kids that entertain fans of Bringing Up Bates. Many of them became adults, but Gil and Kelly raised so many of them, that some of them only just grew old enough for braces. The latest one, Judson, recently turned 10 years old and now he smiles with confidence after he got braces. So, how many other kids in the Bates family had braces fitted?

Bates family kids with braces could break the average family budget

Fans of Bringing Up Bates know that Kelly and Gil brought forth 19 children. Now imagine how much that cost them over the years with dental visits, orthodontists and braces. 10-year-old Judson just got his braces fitted. Actually, when people watch kids grow up on TV, time flies by. Many fans still remember Judson turning eight years old on the show. And, it feels like yesterday. Now, he proudly sports big boy braces.

On December 17, Kelly Bates took to the Bates Family Instagram account and shared a photo of her second youngest child. Judson stood next to a Christmas tree and Kelly wrote about his new braces. Her post read, “Guess who got braces? I think I need a child to take interest in the tooth straightening business lol!” But she only joked as Kelly claimed they use the “best orthodontist in town!” Next, she talked about how quickly he grows up. Kelly said that time flies so it feels like, “Braces today and driver’s license tomorrow! 😳”

How many other kids in the Bates family had braces?

In the comments, one fan asked about the other kids who went through braces. And, it turns out that many of them did. Kelly mentioned “Michael, Lawson, Nathan, Alyssa, Tori, Trace, Carlin, Josie, Katie, Warden, Addee,” and “Judson.” However, she noted she possibly “forgot someone! 😳.” So, as far as we know, at least 12 kids got braces. And, even one child gets costly when it comes to orthodontist work.

Value Penguin noted this month, that “while the average cost for braces is $5,000 to $6,000, some individuals pay as little as $3,000 or as much as $10,000.” The costs vary so much as each individual comes with custom-fitted braces. The Bates family aren’t short of a few pennies, one assumes. But over the years those costs for 12 kids with braces surely added up to a hefty bill.

Orthodontist helped with discounts

Kelly Bates explained that their “original orthodontist gave a discount for each additional sibling for quite some time.” And over time, each child that came in grew that discount. Unfortunately, Kelly said that he “passed away.” The successor, apparently a “caring” and excellent orthodontist capped the discounts. And as Kelly noted, that seemed reasonable.

With all the Bates family kids getting braces, they would have ended up paying the family for braces. Even with all the discounts, the Bringing Up Bates matriarch acknowledged that “It’s a huge financial sacrifice that may require payments being spread out or selling things or trading tree work or whatever you can dream up to help a smile be brighter.” But, the UPtv star also noted that “one day” your “kids will thank you.”

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Well, most families need not worry about braces for 12 kids like the Bates family. But, certainly, those kids who get them probably feel every happy once they come off.

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