Micah Plath Chats About His Love Interest

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On Welcome to Plathville, fans have seen the older kids step out of their comfort zones and what they’ve always known growing up. They’re stepping away from many of their parents’ strict values. While this appears to be a struggle for them, they appear to be enjoying this new freedom. Specifically, Ethan, Moriah, and Micah Plath are finding themselves. Olivia Plath, Ethan’s wife, seems to be helping him figure out who he is by encouraging him to try new things.

In the current season of the TLC show, fans are getting a glimpse of Micah’s new life. The teen has moved out of his parents’ home and lives with his younger sister Moriah. Now, Micah is also a model. Fans have gotten to see a different side of him as he strips down and poses for the camera. He also documented his first trip to Disney World recently.

Naturally, he’s gaining plenty of attention from the ladies, mostly due to his modeling career. So, what’s his relationship status?

Is Micah Plath dating or single?

Recently, Micah appeared virtually on the Domenick Nati Show. There, he talked about his relationship status.

During the interview, Micah said that it’s “tough” for him to pinpoint where his relationship is right now. He does reveal that he has a love interest though. The lady in question is named Caroline, and he met her via social media. They started chatting via social media after he connected with her, thanks to some mutual friends. Later, they met in person.

He explains in the interview,  “I don’t want to go into a whole lot of detail because I’m not super sure of how serious I am or how serious it is. But I am talking to someone at the moment, you can see her on my Instagram, but I am not positive on where we are at right now if that makes any sense.”

In addition, he says he doesn’t feel like he needs a serious, committed relationship right now. He continues, “I don’t need distraction. Not saying the right person couldn’t help me along, so you never know.”

Based on Caroline and Micah’s Instagram pages, it looks like they took a trip to Disney World together. Whether they’re serious or not, fans are happy to see Micah living his life as he pleases.

So, what do you think of Micah Plath and his love interest? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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