Madison Reyes Reveals Most Difficult Scene Of ‘Julie And The Phantoms’

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Despite being released on Netflix a few months ago, subscribers can’t stop talking about Julie and the Phantoms. Unsurprisingly, there are a few different reasons why the hype of this series won’t die down. One of many being the fact that it is receiving glowing reviews as a truly incredible and wholesome Netflix Original.

As subscribers continue to talk about Julie and the Phantoms. And, they continue to wait for Netflix to shed some light on a Season 2 possibility… Subscribers have nothing to do but dig deeper into the details of the series. One question that came up about a month ago was which scene (or scenes) were the most challenging for the cast.

Madison Reyes gets candid about difficult Julie and the Phantoms scenes

About a month ago, Madison Reyes sat down with Cinema Blend to discuss Julie and the Phantoms. More specifically, the outlet wanted to know which scene (or scenes) were the most challenging for her and the rest of the cast. The young Netflix star admits it was a scene from the Season Finale that was the most difficult for her.

The most challenging scene had to be Stand Tall and the alleyway scene. It was really mentally draining and coming up to be the last week of us filming, so those feelings were 100% real and it was our last performance together. It was really sad because we put so much effort and work into it, and it was also a good payoff. Stand Tall was a new song we’d gotten while we were in Vancouver that ended up getting cut because I couldn’t sing it [fully] – it was too high at the time, but I can sing it perfectly now. As a band, we had a lot of input on it and we really grew as friends and a family while creating it together.

Now, for those who haven’t seen Julie and the Phantoms yet… The alleyway scene in the finale was a very emotional one. And, most agree Madison Reyes did an incredible job having an emotional breakdown as she tried to understand what was happening to her.

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Wrapping up filming is always emotional

Cinema Blend agrees this answer wasn’t too surprising. After all, wrapping up production is always emotional. This is especially true on any type of series with multiple episodes as the cast grows very close. It is a job, but the cast often feel like family members by the time it is over. Likewise, Julie and the Phantoms has a lot of very young cast members. Some who are pretty fresh to the acting industry. So, it was probably even more emotional for these young individuals.

Need more Julie and the Phantoms?

Netflix continues to give us radio silence on the new season of Julie and the Phantoms. But, there is a new book based on the series coming out at the end of the month. The book is available for pre-order and it is nice and cheap!

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