Barry Plath And Kim Revisit Joshua’s Death, Fans React

Barry Plath and Kim

Barry Plath and Kim revisited the death of their son Joshua again this season. Welcome to Plathville fans first heard last season about the tragic accident that killed the little boy. In fact, TLC devoted quite a lot of time to the story. And now in Season 2, the Plath parents again talk about it. And, not without some skepticism from fans.

Barry Plath and Kim lost their son Joshua in 2008

We reported on November 24 last year, that the show revealed that Kim killed her son when she ran him over. Back then, she explained that while she moved some fruit trees, she lost sight of the 17-month-old boy. And she ran him over. Killed straight away, the incident was officially ruled as an accident. After that, Kim sank into a very deep depression and she credits Barry for bringing her out of it.

On the Plath Family Website, Kim wrote about her fragility, saying, she “totally lost [her] will to live.” She added, ” I would have just curled up and died.” But fortunately, Barry patiently supported his wife through her darkest days. At the time, some fans wondered if Barry Plath and Kim became super-controlling of the kids after that. Bear in mind, she won’t allow them sweet treats, much contact with the outside world, or even access to technology.

The revisitation of Joshua’s death gets a skeptical reaction from fans

If you thought the sad story was done and dusted, you’d be wrong. The subject came up again in Welcome to Plathville Season 2. Meaww noted that twelve years passed since Joshua died. “But, the parents…still [battle] the void.” However, finally, they feel it’s time “for them to get over the tragic past and move on.” Fans know that Ethan left home, so did Micah and now, Moriah followed them out of the house. But, the younger kids remain there.

Barry Plath and Kim want to get the younger kids to all go and visit the cemetery so they finally “celebrate” Joshua’s short 17 months of life. Some TLC fans think they obsess too much And others wonder what really happened that day on the farm. Over on Twitter, plenty of people spoke out about it. And, some of them sound downright suspicious of Kim.

Twitterati discuss Joshua

Welcome to Plathville fans thought the scenes about Joshua looked a bit staged. And, others wondered about Kim and her involvement. Bear in mind, Barry Plath and Kim seem almost universally despised by TLC fans. One critic wrote, “Barry looks like he knows where the bodies are buried.”

Then, another person noted, “FYI whenever Kim talks about Joshua’s death it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable.”

One person picked up on the conversation Kim had. They wrote, “Geez..the way she explained Joshua’s death to the girls was….Factual. but…the words she used as in “killed” why not “went to Heaven”? Then saying “ran over”..maybe “truck hit him… a fatal accident.”

While Barry Path and Kim went through a tragic time, some Welcome to Plathville fans just don’t know if it all went down the way they describe it.

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