‘Unexpected’ Hailey Tilford & Matthew Co-Parent Levi

Unexpected Hailey Tilford Matthew

Unexpected alums Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins split long ago. And, so far, she claims he never paid any maintenance. Notably, he questioned the paternity of Levi. For months now, Hailey referred to him as “just the sperm donor.” But now it turns out they are speaking again so he can help co-parent Levi.

Unexpected – Hailey Tilford does an about-turn on Matthew

On Tuesday, December 15, Hailey Tilford titled her Q&A with “let the hate begin.” And, no doubt that starts flowing her way again. After all, she made a huge big deal about Matthew. Then, she moved in with Cole Smith and everyone thought things went well. However, she suddenly dumped him with a childish post about regrets. She claims that Cole still helps co-parent Levi as a surrogate dad. However, we reported that apparently, he moved out of the home she shares with a girlfriend.

Going back a bit, you might recall that Hailey Tilford got a lot of hate for cheating on her best friend Hailey Tomlinson. Soon, Matthew dumped the young mom and moved in with Hailey Tilford. They announced their pregnancy at the Tell-All. Later, after a lot of bickering, Matthew took down his status of being his future baby’s dad. In fact, he disputed the paternity of Levi and Cole arrived on the Unexpected scene.

Cole Smith dumped, Matthew back in the picture

Ever since then, Hailey repeatedly told her Unexpected followers that he pays not a dime, and is merely a sperm donor. Additionally, Hailey had ten fits because TLC suggested that Matthew should have access to Levi for the show. But, she couldn’t take part. Angrily, she claimed that she would not let them or Matthew profit off Levi as he didn’t acknowledge him as his son. With Cole gone, just a few weeks later, apparently, all is sweet between Matthew and Hailey once again.

Fan probably will hate on Hailey Tilford all over again. In fact, some of them might suspect they were played all the time. Unexpected fans asked her some questions about Matthew which she answered in her Q&A. Clearly he’s back in the picture although she claims it’s only for the purposes of co-parenting Levi. In fact, it looks like she flipped back to an earlier stance she took after she dropped an EPO against Matthew in February this year.

The EPO and then a bitter split again

At the time, she noted, “The EPO is dropped. Me and Matthew are CIVIL and I don’t need anyone’s opinion. We are going to focus on communicating better for our sons sake. Levi will be here in 10 weeks or less and as far and we just want to focus on making the best situation possible for him.” However, it didn’t take long before she took issue with Matthew again. By the time Levi arrived, she and Cole lived together and Matthew was out. Now with Cole split, Hailey gets back with Matthew.

In her Q&A, the Unexpected alum said that Cole still helps parent Levi. But “Matthew deserves a chance.” In answer to another question, Hailey noted that Matthew recently “reached out to her.” And, she said the previously talked as she wanted to take him “to court.” Plus, while she won’t call it “stepping up,” Hailey claims she’s “proud of Matthew” as he makes an “effort.”

Unexpected Hailey Tilford Matthew Blevins
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Finally, Hailey Tilford said that they intend on only having a “co-parenting” relationship. So, TLC fans might as well brace themselves for another round of flip flops from Hailey Tilford.

Unexpected returns to TLC with a new season on December 20, 2020.

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