Jenelle Evans Suffers A Loss In The Family

Jenelle Evans Eason

Jenelle Evans, her mom Barbs, and David shared family Christmas photos this week. But now, the sad Christmas news comes that one of their family members passed away. Bereaved, Janelle asked her fans on Twitter to please say prayers for the family. But, especially for her mom Barbs.

Jenelle Evans tragic Christmas news

We reported that just a couple of days ago, the family looked very happy in their Christmas season photos. On her Instagram, Barbs shared a photo of herself with Jace, Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa. Meanwhile, Jenelle shared a photo of her and David in a rural setting, sitting in the field with the kids. Plus, David took to his Instagram and shared a cropped photo of Maryssa. However, those happy faces hid a sad secret.

Taking to her Twitter, Jenelle shared three posts. The first one said, “I want to thank all of you for showing my Mom some love on the Christmas photos. She’s been having such a rough week because my uncle, her brother, recently passed away. Thanks for the positivity, it’s much needed.” Well, many Teen Mom fans responded to the sad news.

Teen Mom fans respond to the sad news from Jenelle

Many fans of Jenelle and Barbs commented on the Teen Mom alum’s post. One said, “Oh that’s heartbreaking. BABS IS THE G.O.A.T. I love her. Thoughts and Prayers to your mom and family. May he R.I.P.”

Then another person noted. “So very sorry for the loss, Prayers going up, and yall look so Beautiful and Happy in these pictures, keep up the Great work, You deserve Happiness too, and looks like you have it now.”

Here’s another kind comment: “Oh so sorry for your family’s loss. Prayers and positive vibes headed to you and your mom and family.”

A few MTV critics tried trolling on the post by Jenelle Evans. But fans forestalled that by telling people a death is “not the time to troll.”

Later, Jenelle returned with another tweet about staying in touch with loved ones.

First indication of something wrong reported that fans knew something was off but until Jenelle clarified, they didn’t know for certain what it was. Now they know that Barb’s brother passed away, they send in their loving thoughts. Later, in a separate tweet, the Teen Mom alum said, “please don’t let years pass before you decide to visit family.” Then, she acknowledged the coronavirus. But, she also hopes that people stay in touch. After all, “if something goes wrong” they probably “regret” lost time with their loved ones.

Jenelle Evans’ fans also responded to that tweet. One follower wrote, “I saw my grandpa on Sept 6th, Sept 11th was admitted to the hospital for multiple health issues.. had to live in a nursing home and was then diagnosed with covid he passed the day after thanksgiving…very blessed for visiting him when I did.”

Third tweet from Jenelle

A third tweet from Jenelle revealed her standing with Barbs. She simply said, “I’m a strong woman because a strong woman raised me. ”

Fans also commented on that post. Here’s an example of supportive comments that came in: “No matter what anyone says, this is a great pic… love that you guys are getting along, be courteous to each other and love each other.”

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