‘OutDaughtered’ Family Gets Sick Amid Pandemic, Was It COVID-19?

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OutDaughtered fans have been wildly concerned the Busby family would get sick with COVID-19. This is largely why the TLC reality TV family has gotten so much heat for traveling amongst a pandemic. They worry someone in the family will get the virus. And, then, because it is so contagious… Everyone under the Busby household will become ill.

Adam Busby scares fans, confirms everyone got sick

According to Soap Dirt, Adam Busby terrified fans when he revealed the entire family did get sick amid the pandemic. He, however, was quick to reassure OutDaughtered fans this happened early on during the pandemic. No one is sick right now. Likewise, he also wanted it to be clear that they were not sick with COVID-19. In fact, this was just a run of the mill flu that spread through the household. Equally contagious, it isn’t too surprising that ones the flu got into the house… Everyone got sick.

Adam Busby and Danielle received a lot of praise for managing so many sick little girls at the same time. Especially because they likely had to deal with the flu as well. And, a sick parent with sick kids doesn’t get to rest because they have sick kids to take care of. Adam and Danielle, however, are fabulous parents. And, that is one of the reasons why OutDaughtered fans love them so much.

The OutDaughtered dad enjoyed spending time alone with his family

Adam Busby revealed to fans having to quarantine and everyone getting sick wasn’t all bad. Their busy world sort of stopped spinning for a period of time. And, they got to spend a lot of quality time alone together. Sure, the OutDaughtered family enjoy keeping busy and traveling. But, they also enjoyed the solidarity of quarantine.

Everyone is well, but fans are concerned about Danielle

Now, as far as fans know, no one in the OutDaughtered family has come down with COVID-19. But, we do know Danielle was rushed to the hospital before Thanksgiving with some concerning symptoms. It, however, does not appear that the family ever got any answers. Again, they did not think she had COVID-19. But, they didn’t get any real answers. Or, if they did, they didn’t share them with the fans.

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Unfortunately, this caused Adam and Danielle to catch a lot of heat for traveling during Thanksgiving. Fans insisted it was a reckless thing to do amid a pandemic. Moreover, they felt Danielle needed to be resting.

Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like anyone in the OutDaughtered family is sick with COVID-19. But, it does sound like fans think they are at risk with how much traveling they do. Likewise, we are glad to hear everyone recovered nicely after getting sick with the flu!

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