Danielle Busby Won’t Be Caged By An Illness Or Pandemic

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OutDaughtered mama Danielle Busby has made it clear she isn’t interested in being caged by a pandemic or health issues. While fans of the TLC series appreciate how strong this mama is. They wonder if she’s putting her health at risk. Should she slow down and take it easy for a while? Fans certainly seem to think so.

Danielle Busby isn’t interested in being ‘stuck’

According to Pop Culture, Danielle Busby recently shared an inspirational quote on her Instagram Stories. OutDaughteted fans assumed this quote really resonated with the mother of six. Here’s what the quote said in her now expired Instagram Story:

You’re not stuck. You may be overwhelmed, tired, overworked, over-stimulated or burnt out, but you are not stuck.”

Danielle Busby took the time to draw a heart near the quote. So, she must’ve been really feeling it at the time that she shared it.

She remains active, despite her health scare

OutDaughtered fans were terrified when Adam Busby revealed the decision to take his wife to the hospital. He explained she was feeling an alarming tingling sensation in her limbs. We also know Uncle Dale Mills stepped in to watch the girls so Adam could be with her at the hospital.

Later we learned they saw some specialists and had some testing done. While they insisted it had nothing to do with COVID-19, they didn’t have any real answers. They were waiting for test results, mostly. Unsurprisingly, fans had a lot of theories on what she might be sick with. One of the most dominate was fibromyalgia.

Adam and Danielle haven’t responded to any fan theories. And, they haven’t talked about it much since. Danielle did take to her Instagram to reassure her fans she was TRYING to take it easy. But, she was having a hard time doing so.

Could TLC have something to do with the secrecy?

Now, we know Adam and Danielle Busby are stars of TLC’s OutDaughteredSo, it is possible they have more information about the hospital trip. We know they are currently filming the new season of the series. Perhaps more details about the hospital visit will be revealed during the new season. If so, they might not be allowed to reveal anymore information about it.

How Is Danielle Busby? Fans Beg Adam For Hospitalization Update

Either way, Danielle Busby isn’t letting the pandemic or some mysterious health scare lock her in a cage. She will continue living her life the way she wants to until she can’t. Do you think she’s being reckless? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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