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Dominique Scalise Breaks Silence On Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott Relationship

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2020 has brought about many strange times and surprising announcements. One big rumor that turned from rumor to truth is the relationship between Big Brother stars Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott. Rumors flew something was going on between them in the house. They both denied it and Memphis continued to say his relationship with Dominique Scalise remained strong. When he left the Big Brother house it didn’t take long before he ended things with Dominique. Now, she’s speaking out about what went down and how she feels about his relationship with Christmas.

Dominique Scalise speaks out about Memphis Garrett

Reality Steve went to his blog to share all about his podcast with Dominique. First of all, Dominique and Memphis met six years ago in Las Vegas. Keep in mind they were just friends. This past February he messaged her while she has been living in Chicago. He wanted to get together with her. They basically decided that they weren’t each other’s type but that hadn’t been working out so they decided to try something new together.

Dominique and Memphis spent most of quarantine time together in Fort Lauderdale, where Memphis lives. He had actually asked her to move in with him. She said he was always thinking about ways to make money. So, when Big Brother called they discussed it and both agreed it was a great opportunity. In the beginning Memphis was just supposed to be an alternate. That all changed and he was called to step in as one of the original cast members for All Stars.

What happened while he was gone

Dominique said while Memphis was in the Big Brother house she had no reason to believe anything was going on between him and Christmas. Production would call her and let her know Memphis missed her. They even called her following the rumor that Christmas and Memphis kissed. They assured her it wasn’t true. He was also always mentioning her on air and that he missed her.

When he got home from the jury house, they had a great few days together. It was Halloween weekend and their great times only lasted about three days. He ended up telling her it wasn’t working out.

When she started noticing Memphis changing she contacted her friend and Bachelor in Paradise Joe Amabile. She asked him about being on reality television and how it could affect one. He said people handle things differently. Dominique felt he let it all go to his head.

Memphis Garrett and girlfriend Dominique
Memphis Garrett and girlfriend Dominique

Dominique talks about the big announcement

Ultimately she doesn’t feel it is her place to comment on Memphis and Christmas’ relationship. However, she did tell Steve Memphis did not give her a heads up. All he told her was that pictures may surface with him and Christmas together. But, he made it seem like they were just hanging out as friends.

In the end, Dominique feels like she dodged a bullet. Memphis is all about business and how to make more money so she doesn’t know how serious things are between him and Christmas. Dominique says she is definitely not jealous and holds no anger towards them. She feels as though a weight lifted off her shoulders.

And, she also said she knows nothing about who released old nude photos of Memphis. She assures everyone it was not her.


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