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When Will ‘Shameless’ Season 11 Hit Netflix?

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Shameless fans are already looking for a Season 11 Netflix release date. Shameless Season 11 just premiered last week on Showtime. This is a pretty emotional time. Both for fans and the cast. This is the final season of the Showtime hit series. Soon it will be curtains for the Gallaghers. They are currently on their last hurrah.

Now, Shameless doesn’t require you to have cable to watch it. You just have to have a subscription with Showtime. Not everyone, however, can or is willing to pay an extra $10 to $11 a month to watch Shameless as it airs. Likewise, some don’t care for watching one episode and waiting a week to watch the next. They prefer the Netflix release so they can binge through the entire season.

So, does Shameless Season 11 have a Netflix release date? Here’s what we’ve been able to dig up.

When will Shameless Season 11 be available on Netflix?

For some, paying $10-$11 a month for Showtime when they already pay a pretty penny for Netflix is asking too much. And, there’s nothing wrong with setting a limit on how much you spend on streaming services. After all, there are tons of different streaming services. And, more of them seem to be getting released all of the time. Likewise, it is pretty rare that a streaming service is free. So, most people just pick and choose which streaming service makes the most sense for them to pay for based on what they like.

For starters, What’s On Netflix reminds us we won’t see Season 11 on the streaming platform until the entire season airs on television.

In the past, we know some seasons of Shameless aired in September or November. Others aired in January. A December premiere date, however, is a little unusual. But, the production of Season 11 did get pushed back because of the pandemic. So, it would make sense that everything else would also be out of whack.

There isn’t a concrete release date, but a best guess at this point.

Netflix really likes patterns, schedules, and structure. They are pretty predictable when it comes to the release of another season of a series. So, it isn’t too hard to make a best guess on when Season 11 of Shameless is likely to hit Netflix.

In the past, Netflix tends to drop Shameless about six months after it airs the Season Finale. And, we know Shameless Season 11 is just 12 episodes long. Season 11 is expected to conclude in February or March depending on how big of a break the series takes for the holidays. So, that would put the Netflix release date of Shameless Season 11 at August or September of 2021.

Now, keep in mind this is just a best guess based on Netflix’s history. The release date has yet to be confirmed. And, things could change. Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Shameless Season 11 so far.

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