Is Moriah Plath Hiding Something About Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Moriah Plath, Welcome to Plathville

As TV Shows Ace reports, Moriah Plath split from her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt. This came shortly after he was introduced on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville. Moriah explained that she had some growing to do and that he broke up with her. But, since the split, she’s been open about her relationship on her social media account.

When fans “met” Max on the TLC show, they seemed to like him. They were also happy to see Moriah so happy as she deals with her difficult relationship with her parents. So, naturally, fans were pretty sad to hear that the relationship had ended.

Now, fans are hopeful that Moriah isn’t giving them the full story and that there’s actually hope for her relationship. Here’s all that we know so far.

Moriah Plath continues to post about Max Kallschmidt

On her Instagram page, Moriah has shared a couple of posts about Max. One is about the breakup and helps fans to understand what went wrong. She explained, “Obviously gotta work on me rn😭💔 And that’s okay! It’s a never ending process 🖤”

Then, as TV Shows Ace reports, she shared more details about her breakup. She posted a photo of herself with Max. In the caption, she writes, “Who would’ve thought… one year ago today I met someone who would have a huge impact on my life and end up being my very best friend, thank you @maxkall2.0 for continuing to be my friend⚓️

Welcome to Plathville fans hope they’re still together

In response to the newest photo, fans are pointing out that Moriah continues to refer to Max as her friend. Though exes can definitely be friends, that’s not always the case. So, fans are hoping that Moriah and Max are actually more than friends.

One fan comments, “Patiently waiting (and hoping) for the episode to air that you 2 are back together so that you can go ahead and just say it on here… you 2 are so cute!” The fan brings up an important point. When Moriah and Max split, the news wasn’t shared on social media until after Welcome to Plathville aired. Often, with reality TV, important life updates have to be made at just the right time. So, if the two are truly back together, they have to wait until that moment is aired on Welcome to Plathville.

Other similar comments point out that it’s interesting that the two are still such good friends. Someone also added that they could be friends for now and then date again later on.

Regardless of whether Max and Moriah are romantically involved, fans are glad she’s got someone to be there for her. As viewers have seen on the show, there’s a lot going on in Moriah’s life. All of the drama with her family can definitely take a toll on her, and she may need some extra love and support.

So, do you think Max Kallschmidt and Moriah Plath are together? Or do you think that’s just wishful thinking? Share your thoughts below.

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