Is Meri Brown Taking Bookings For Her BNB?

Meri Brown BnB open

Meri Brown of Sister Wives owns a BnB named Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Situated in Parowan, Utah, the TLC star won travel awards and guests give it good reviews. Of course, Meri Brown comes along with a huge following, so many fans hope to stay there one day. Even if the TLC star’s not in residence at the time, people love her mom, Bonnie very much. With COVID-19, some fans wonder if she’s open for booking.

Meri Brown re-opened her BnB  in July this year

On December 8, the Sister Wives star took to her Instagram and celebrated her thankfulness for LuLaRoe. She talked about earning money during the coronavirus. And, she said it “changed her life.” Well, the MLM business might not suit everyone because of the initial investment required. But, Meri does well off it, thanks to a built-in fanbase and a lot of hard work. But, fans know she also owns her BnB. And in her post, a few people asked her about it.

One fan of Meri Brown plans a trip for their anniversary. And, they never visited Utah before. It seemed like the person who asked about it, couldn’t find anywhere to book or get prices on the website for the BnB. Well, as Meri Brown didn’t get around to replying, we checked it out. In July, we reported that Meri re-opened the BnB. Previously open only for “essential services”  because of the coronavirus, she announced their new safety requirements.

Coronavirus and Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

In her post about re-opening, Meri noted that some restrictions come for the safety of staff and guests. They “adopted standards from…organizations for common area and room cleaning.” They advise that they sanitize surfaces and ensure that staff follows the various “criteria.” You can see their COVID-19 guidelines for all guests who make a booking on this link.

We also noted that Meri Brown kept her BnB open over Thanksgiving. But, with looming lockdowns and travel restrictions, perhaps that’s why her fans ask about bookings. Presently, according to Mercury News, Utah, “As of December 7, there were no statewide travel restrictions in Utah, though there is a statewide mask mandate.” But, they suggest you check for updates. Meanwhile, on the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s Instagram Page, no announcements of them closing again came out.

Meri Brown Bnb Lizzies Heritage Inn
Lizzies Heritage Inn | Instagram

Where can you book Meri’s BnB?

Well, if you look on the website for the BnB and click the pictures of the rooms, it reveals that you can make a reservation via the site. Currently, the rooms range between $125 to $155.  Plus, if you check online, a Google search reveals lots of places take booking for the BnB that Meri Brown owns. These include, Ebookers, Trip Advisor, and more.

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