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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Cameo Christmas Offer

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Sister Wives fans know that Christine Brown joined Cameo. It came about a month after Janelle Brown signed up with the site. And, why not? After all, loads of other TLC stars take advantage of the money-maker. Some people charge a lot of money for requests and personalized messages from the stars. Now, Christine brings a Cameo Christmas offer with a twist.

Sister Wives Christine Brown joined Cameo after Janelle

As family rumors of financial hardship spread around social media, fans wondered if Janelle felt strapped for cash. She joined Cameo and we reported that she thought about it first. In fact, she almost seemed a bit apologetic about it. But, she took the plunge.

TLC fans speculated that maybe she needed the extra money. Recall, the move to Flagstaff saw the family in financial straits as it took so long to sell the Las Vegas homes. Then, Christine followed Janelle onto the platform.

In another article, we noted that when Sister Wives‘ Christine Brown joined Cameo, critics thought she just did it out of jealousy of Janelle. Either that or she entered to some sort of “one-upmanship” with her fellow spiritual wife of Kody Brown. Nevertheless, in Christine’s case, it turned out she needed money for Ysabel’s back surgery. Recall, in September she traveled without Kody Brown to New Jersey for the procedure.

Will you pay Christine Brown for a ‘singing’ Cameo?

Taking to her Instagram on Monday, December 7, Christine advertised her Christmas Cameo. She shared a photo of herself and captioned it with, “Want a CHRISTMAS SINGING TELEGRAM for someone special?! Click my Cameo link.” Unfortunately, Christine never sang anything in her promo. Perhaps some fans recalled her “Car Confessions,” which she sang out in her introduction, as some TLC fans loved the idea.

One Sister Wives‘ Christine Brown fan wrote, “Oh my goodness!!! I would love this!” Then, another fan noted, “I would FREAK OUT!” Others thought it sounded like a “beautiful” gesture. But, another follower simply pointed out that it costs about $35, so the Cameo offer isn’t such a “beautiful gesture,” after all. In fact, some followers said some rather scathing things to Christine, intimating the Brown Family has “enough” money.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Christmas Cameo
Christine Brown | Instagram

Critics of the Sister Wives star irritated as she ‘always sells’ things

One follower expressed their irritation about the way Christine always seems to be “selling” things. They wrote, “It’s the constantly selling something posts for me.” Then, another fan wrote, “I like you Christine but your not that big of a deal to buy a cameo for someone else. I wouldn’t even want that for myself… 🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry, (sic).”

Nevertheless, die-hard fans of Sister Wives and Christine Brown sound rather keen on the idea.  Will you spend $35 for a singing Christmas cameo from Christine? Sound off in the comments below.

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