Savannah Chrisley Dating? Nic Kerdiles Sparks Rumors With Pet Name

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Nic Kerdiles sparked rumors he and Savannah Chrisley are dating again on Instagram today. How? Well, he referred to her by a pet name. A pet name many agreed was more romantic than casual.

Savannah Chrisley passes her real estate exam

The Chrisley Knows Best star took to Instagram this evening to praise herself and her accomplishments. Turns out, the reality TV star has recently been studying real estate. She took her real estate exam. And, she passed it! Savannah admits she is looking forward to helping people find their dream homes.

The post was liked 56,000 times with over 1,000 comments inside of 14 hours. Unsurprisingly, her followers were here for her. And, they were extremely supportive of her bright future. They expected great things from Savannah. And, they were happy being a reality TV star wasn’t stopping her from achieving her dreams.

Did Nic Kerdiles Just Shade Savannah Chrisley On Instagram?

That being said, her announcement and the support of her followers was quickly overshadowed. There was one comment in the comment section her fans were having a hard time ignoring. Nic Kerdiles joined everyone in praising Savannah for her accomplishment. His word choice. The way he praised her. That was how the dating rumors sparked.

Nic Kerdiles sparks dating rumors with pet name

Her former flame’s comment was liked over 200 times. And, this was nearly as many times as the comment from her mother praising her. The comment, however, had nearly a dozen responses. And, Chrisley Knows Best fans were losing it. But, what was it he said that got everyone in a frenzy?

So proud of you babe! All of the time and hard work was worth it!”

Babe. Nic Kerdiles called Savannah Chrisley babe. A pet name. A pet name usually reserved for those in a relationship. And, this was a pet name the dup frequently called each other in Instagram posts and comments. That one word was all it took to spark dating rumors.

  • “wait… what?! I thought you two broke up!”
  • “are y’all back together ???? Omg !”

Likewise, one Instagram follower was quick to put everyone in their place. They noted one pet name did not mean Savannah and Nic were dating again.

Savannah Chrisley Isn’t Shutting The Door On Rekindling Romance With Nic Kerdiles

“I don’t think they are back together. They are just really good friend’s and yes friend’s call each other babe. I wish they would get back together, but just friends,” the individual insisted with a sad face.

But, another individual responded in disagreement. They thought “babe” was a “weird” pet name for a friend.

So, could they be back together?

About a month ago, Savannah Chrisley finally asked the burning question of why she and Nic broke up. She described their relationship as truly “unique” and very “adult.” Nic Kerdiles became a part of her family. And, breaking up wouldn’t be the end of their relationship. Just the beginning of something new. Likewise, she believes there is a chance they could get back together.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram
[Savannah Chrisley Instagram]
The relationship did not meet the needs of Savannah and Nic. So, they broke up.

So, do you think Nic calling Savannah “babe” on Instagram is a sign they are back together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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