Hallmark’s ‘Christmas Waltz’ Stars Lacey Chabert, Will Kemp On Cameo For Charity

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Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp, the stars of Hallmark’s number one 2020 Christmas movie, Christmas Waltz are both on Cameo. They are both recording personalized videos for their particular charities. This is only for a temporary time. How do you get your personalized video that will help a good cause?

Hallmark’s Christmas Queen Lacey Chabert Is On Cameo

On Monday, Hallmark’s Queen of Christmas, Lacey Chabert announced that she was joining Cameo for a limited time. She shared, “I just want to let you know I am joining Cameo for a limited time. I am so excited to be making videos for you. By purchasing these videos, you will be supporting the New Day Foundation for families.

The Christmas Waltz star is recording videos and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the New Day Foundation. Lacey shared that this organization “helps so many families who are dealing with cancer.”

She brightly shared, “Buy your videos, support a great cause!” The Mean Girls actress ended with, “I can’t wait to make the videos for you. Happy Holidays!”

What is Cameo? Cameo is an online video sharing service. Fans request a video and share information about your relationship to the Cameo recipient. You could be giving the Cameo video gift for a specific birthday or accomplishment. Any of that information can help the celebrity really personalize that video.

According to Lacey Chabert’s Cameo biography, “I’m joining Cameo for a limited time this Holiday season to send my love to your friends, family and loved ones.” Already, the Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas actress has a five-star review. She generally responds in one day, although it can take up to a week to get your personalized video. A video costs $150 and all proceeds will go to the New Day Foundation.

Hallmark’s Christmas Waltz Star Will Kemp On Cameo

Will Kemp, Lacey Chabert’s Hallmark costar is also joining Cameo on a limited basis. The Spinning Out star went to Twitter to announce, “Hey! I’ve been invited to join @BookCameo for a limited time so please request a personalized video message cameo.com/willkemp & help me support the great work that @renniegrove @NewDayFamilies do during the holiday season!”

On Cameo, you can ask Will Kemp about carrying Harry Potter on his back in Equus. Or ask about his complex role of Lord Darnley in Reign. His many five-star reviews indicate that fans are delighted with the videos. This will certainly be the best Christmas present for a friend or for yourself. The cost is $55, and all proceeds going to charity.

Will There Be A Christmas Waltz Sequel?

Right now, Hallmark fans are waiting on whether there will be a Christmas Waltz sequel. In short, this is Hallmark’s number one 2020 Christmas movie. This movie was written and directed by Michael Damian (Young and The Restless’ Danny Romalotti!). Christmas Waltz tells the romantic story of a jilted bride who finds herself and love through dance.

Hallmark fans have just loved it and loved the chemistry between Lacey and Will. So, it makes perfect sense to give the gift of a video for the holidays. Moreover, your recipient will love the personalized message, and it is all for a good cause. Giving is what the holidays are all about.

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