‘Shameless’ Season 11, Episode 1 Introduces Unexpected Couple

Shameless Showtime

Warning: This contains spoilers from Shameless Season 11, Episode 1.

While couple might be a generous word for it, Shameless Season 11, Episode 1 did introduce a rather odd pairing. Now, these two characters have been with the show since the very beginning. They might not be what you consider core cast members. But, they are definitely reoccurring supportive characters. And, fans certainly knew them well enough to have feelings about this pairing.

What couple did the final season of Shameless finally bring together? None other than Kermit (Jim Hoffmaster) and Tommy (Michael Patrick McGill). Now, if you are having trouble placing those names. They are the two regulars at the Albi.

Wait, Tommy and Kermit got together?

There were a lot of mixed feelings to be had about this moment in Shameless Season 11, Episode one. Tommy and Kermit? Really? The duo does spend a lot of time hanging out together at the Albi. And, we have watched these guys be extremely lonely for the past ten seasons. Maybe it is time for Kermit and Tommy to finally get some action. Still… Who would have thought it would be with each other?

Now, if you haven’t watched the episode yet… Tv Shows Ace is really sorry to have put that mental image in your head. We can report you don’t actually see much of anything. But, you still might be wondering. How the heck did that happen?

Things got heated at the Albi

V and Kev convince Tommy and Kermit to give their marijuana a try. The duo each consume a brownie. While Kev and V are not in the main area of the bar, Tommy and Kermit decide to enjoy some more weed. They, however, make a huge mistake. They consume all of the brownies and all of the gummies. V and Kev seriously question whether the duo are alright at this point.

Shameless Showtime
William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher, Michael Patrick McGill as Tommy and Jim Hoffmaster as Kermit in Shameless. [Photo Credit: Showtime]
Both Tommy and Kermit head for the bathroom to take a leak. And, to splash some cold water on their faces. Here’s where things get a little awkward. You start feeling strange vibes the moment the duo get close at the sink. The way they looked at each other. And, the body language. Something just didn’t feel normal. Then, it happened.

Kermit. Touched. Tommy’s. Butt. And, Tommy? Well, he seemed to like it. You could tell Kermit was terrified to see what Tommy’s reaction would be. Tommy headed over to the bathroom stall. Neither one of them said anything. But, Tommy made it clear he wanted Kermit to fall him into the stall.

And, well, you can guess what happened after that.

Early bird Shameless fans react to the unexpected couple

Those who have already watched Shameless Season 11, Episode 1 have taken to social media to react to it. One of the reactions included reacting to this strange pairing. Some are already referring to the couple as “Kommy.”



There is a wealth of tweets saying nothing more than “WTF” to the pairing of Kermit and Tommy. Overall, fans seem to have mixed feelings. Some admit they “knew it.” Some were grossed out. And, some think the writers pulled a joke from a fan thread somewhere and took it too far.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the scene yet. You can check it out in the tweet below:

Haven’t had a chance to watch Shameless Season 11, Episode 1? Well, you have a few options. The Season 11 Premiere airs tonight only on Showtime. Or, you can check it out via the Showtime streaming service. And, right now, you don’t even have to pay to subscribe!

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