‘Below Deck’ Captain Sandy Yawn Heartbroken For Leah

Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah

Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn recently suffered a family bereavement. And now, she’s faced with another sad loss. The Bravo star took to her Instagram and shared that her partner Leah’s dad passed away from COVID-19. She shared the sad news on her Instagram and copied Leah’s message about it as well.

Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn sounds heartbroken for Leah

We reported in November, that Sandy Yawn told her Instagram fans that she lost her niece. Not to COVID-19, but to alcohol addiction. She took it badly and seemed obviously very distressed about a beloved family member. Now, someone else she loves lost their dad to the coronavirus. And, when a partner grieves, so does the other person. Leah’s dad passed away and fans know he met Sandy. So, they extended their condolences to both of them.

Below Deck Captain Sandy didn’t yet tie the knot with Leah Shafer, according to Bravo TV, but they clearly love each other deeply. In her post, Sandy reposted Leah’s post about her dad passing away. Captain Sandy added her own caption as well. She wrote, “Today #covid took @leahraeshaferofficial father.” Apparently, he never smoked and only drank a bit. Sandy mentioned that he “took daily walks and “played golf.” Healthy, with “no pre-existing conditions,” the virus took his life inside of “three weeks.” She ended by saying,  “😔 stay safe out there.”

Fans comment on Sandy’s post

As expected, fans seemed shocked that Leah’s dad died when he previously seemed perfectly healthy. One Bravo fan wrote, “Condolences to you and your family❤️. I wish people would take this seriously.” And another one noted, “I’m so sorry. We [stayed] home since March… Social responsibility during this pandemic is paramount. Prayers sent your way. xoxo❤️.”

Others expressed their sorrow for the Below Deck star and Leah. One wrote, “sooo sorry for ur loss my thoughts and prayers r with u and the family… Everyone needs to take this seriously! This virus is NO JOKE!! 🙏🙏🙏.” Unfortunately, it seems that only when people hear about real people passing away that a bit of a wake-up call comes along. So, even in her grief, sharing about Leah’s dad helps bring awareness.

Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn Leah dad died
Captain Sandy Yawn | Instagram

Leah and Sandy Yawn

Your Tango reminds readers that  “Captain Sandy Yawn of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean and gospel singer Leah Shafer started dating over a year ago. They met via social media and when they met face-to-face in LA, their “love blossomed.” Leah described Sandy as “another soul” that she “connected” with on a “deep level.” Previously married to TV host-motivational speaker Ross Shafer, Leah and Sandy make a new life together.

Below Deck Captain Sandy and Leah share a common love for God. So hopefully, they find some comfort there as they grieve the death of her dad.

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