‘1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Spoilers, Season 2

1000-LB Sisters Tammy Slaton

1000-LB Sisters Season 2 was revealed when TLC shared an advert. Actually, Tammy Slaton denied earlier this year that a second season was on the cards. So many fans thought the show remained canceled. But a new season arrives in January 2021 and teasers from the sisters’ meet and greet and TLC Network reveal some spoilers about Tammy.

1000-LB Sisters teasers bring Tammy Slaton Spoilers

We reported that the show might cover Amy’s journey after her tummy surgery. Recall, Amy reached the target that Dr. Procter set her. But Tammy, less disciplined about her exercise and diet, failed to qualify. TLC fans saw her crying and upset on the day when Amy should have been celebrating. Notably, that opened up more potential for a second season. After all, they might reveal that Tammy became motivated by Amy and try harder.

We also noted that as Tammy Slaton went down with COVID-19, 1000-LB Sisters might cover that aspect as well. Plus, lots of quarantine footage could be filmed remotely and then cobbled into a new season. And now it emerges that the show brings some of that to viewers. However, it’s not all good news when it comes to Tammy. In fact, she seems to have regained the weight she previously shed.

Tammy put on weight, blames COVID-19 quarantine

What fans see on TLC in small ads and teasers reveals that Tammy Slaton battled during the quarantine. And, while she seemed determined to lose weight, she looks large still. She still struggles with getting around using her walker and requires someone to take along a chair so she can stop and rest. Plus, it looks like Tammy went back to her old ways during quarantine, it’s not like she monitors her weight all the time.

Naturally, her sister Amy grows more and more worried about her. Plus, her fans also express their concern about 1000-LB Sisters‘ Tammy Slaton. On December 5, Tammy shared a video on YouTube. She said that comments on her video where she said she got COVID-19 were painful and shameful. In the comments section, many people just beg her to take her health more seriously.

TLC fans fear for Tammy

In the comments section of the video, fans genuinely worry about Tammy. One of them wrote, “Hi Tammy, people don’t think bad of you. They just want you to take control and get well. Please take the steps to lose weight and take back your health and life.”

Then, another person who followers Tammy Slaton from 1000-LB Sisters noted, “I am a registered nurse you are on oxygen because your oxygen levels are very low.” Others fear for her mental health and beg her not to “stop trying.” Many other people plead with Tammy to just “ignore” her haters and focus on getting well. So, it looks like Season 2 of the show might be a heart-wrencher.

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