Meri Brown Shuts Down Infidelity Rumors, She Can Have Male Friends

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Meri Brown of Sister Wives became the victim of infidelity rumors after eagle-eyed fans got curious about the mystery man in her otherwise innocent Instagram post from a few days ago.

Meri Brown’s Instagram post gone wrong, infidelity rumors spark

As we previously reported, Meri Brown took to Instagram a couple days ago to dote on her job with LuLaRoe. The Sister Wives star has been hawking products from the company for a while. Thanks to her massive following on Sister Wives, she’s done pretty well for herself.

Presently, she has a pretty large Facebook group where she regularly goes live and hawks a range of products. The Facebook Live sale sessions work a little like an auction. She shows a product, and people can claim them. The only difference is this isn’t the type of auction where the prices continue to go up. It is more of a first come, first serve bidding option. So, if you want something… You just have to speak up.

Her innocent Instagram post was also to discuss a recent charity project she was working on. She had teamed up with a male friend that lived in Michigan. They were working on saving a local deer forest. And, she talked about how lucky she was to have LuLaRoe to provide her with the platform to raise money for charities such as this one.

Unfortunately, for Meri Brown, this innocent Instagram post quickly went wrong. Infidelity rumors sparked.

Who was the mystery man in the picture, anyway?

Now, to be fair, the man in the photo wasn’t that much of a mystery. Meri Brown tagged his Instagram account. But, his account is private. So, you can see the about me information on his profile, his name, and his profile picture. But you cannot see much more than that without being a subscriber. According to the profile, his name is Blair M. Struble.

And, as we’ve previously covered, he’s been a part of Meri Brown’s Instagram posts before. Fans pointed out that this is just a good friend. And, he’s a married man. Some even believe he isn’t that into women.

‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Cozies Up To Guy On Instagram That Isn’t Kody

All that being said, Sister wives fans saw Meri Brown curled up next to a man that wasn’t Kody Brown… So, they ran with it. And the infidelity rumors started to swirl.

Meri Brown has shut down the infidelity rumors.

It would appear that Meri Brown caught wind of the headlines suggesting she was unfaithful to Kody. The headlines suggesting she had maybe left him for another man. Many Sister Wives fans were happy to learn Meri might’ve moved on. Unfortunately for those who liked hearing the infidelity rumors… They simply were not true. And, it was none other than Meri Brown herself who made this crystal clear.

As we reported just recently, Meri Brown took to Instagram today to reant about her relationship with Kody Brown. She is well aware that has a reality TV star she doesn’t get the same privacy as an average Joe. That being said, her relationship is still her relationship. And, she doesn’t think she owes anyone anything.

Meri Brown Instagram

She, however, doesn’t want to be labeled as someone who is having an affair either. So, she took to Instagram to clear the air. She pointed out that she was a grown woman. And, she was an independent women. While the pandemic put a pin on it for now, she was someone who really enjoyed traveling. And, she didn’t need her husband Kody to come with her to do these things.

Despite being a married woman, she still had male friends. And, there was nothing wrong with that. You can have a male friend. And, they can be just that. A friend. So, she didn’t understand why people were making such a big deal out of it. But, she wanted it to be clear she was with Kody. She was committed to Kody. And, there was nothing going on.

She, however, encouraged those hating on her… As well as those starting rumors to keep doing whatever they felt the need to do.

“You do you, boo.” She encouraged.

So, what do you think in the latest development of Kody and Meri Brown? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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